Tuesday, 29 December 2015



  1. Let's say, I wrote the best poem ever. If there was no money to make off of it, during my lifetime, why should I share it with others?

    1. the other day i came across a passage in the 'diwan of abu’l-ala' saying pretty much the same thing

      I shook the trees of knowledge. Ah! the fruit
      Was fair upon the bleakness of the soil.
      I filled a hundred vessels with my spoil,
      And then I rested from the grand pursuit.


      Alas! I took me servants: I was proud
      Of prose and of the neat, the cunning rhyme,
      But all their inclination was the crime
      Of scattering my treasure to the crowd.

      so of course 1000 years later we take his treasure with no return to him !

      i think with writing you have to take the return when you write it and that's about all there is . .


    2. actually when i look at the world's best poems , ‘ lorelei ’ by syliva plath, ‘ ode to the west wind ’ by percy bysshe shelley and ‘ the sea shell ’ by osip mandelstam

      they all died in tragic circumstances, suicide, execution and possibly murder in shelley's case as piracy gone wrong can't be ruled out

      be careful what you wish f o r . .

  2. What's your opinion on r/antinatalism/?

    1. i think he partly answered that in his last post on his site starting with, "i notice r/theredpill is very negative on single mothers ..."

    2. I was referring to that post. Antinatalism is different from Child Free, even though it includes it.

    3. good question, made me think, a long reply


    4. Zephyr face it, Zen is celibate, find something else!

      The tradition I follow now does not promote celibacy.

      (Nor does it promote procreation. It's simply indifferent to the question altogether.)

      That's why I'm not following Andrew anymore and I ditched Buddhism, because its basic stance that one has to live in a certain way (vegetarianism, celibacy...) limits liberation to a specific "lifestyle".

      If it's unlimited, it cannot be limited to diet or lifestyle. These things are not capable of being obstacles to His Grace.

      I understand that Andrew chooses to be celibate. It is a completely legitimate choice. I choose to be childless because children would destroy me. In my case, living with a woman is better than living alone. I am quite passive and I have the tendency to get absorbed into foetal nonactivity and comfort and the woman is the external agent that prevents that and brings some structure to my life without which life is unbearable!

      Zephyr you have not progressed because you're still checking these -ISMs and asking Andrew about his opinion of these ISMs. First of all, we are not all the same, so there's no cookie-cutter lifetstyle suitable for all. Andrew can't do relationships and can't do children. I can't do children, but I have more quality alone time IF I am in a relationship than alone. Because alone I would probably sleep until 3PM, be unemployed, drag this corpse around the house like a zombie and lazily await my demise.

      What traps you is this carrot/stick situation with Andrew. You post one thing, Andrew criticizes you and insults you, and then you post another and Andrew says "good post". This goes in phases for many years.

      Andrew had some awakening but not the final thing (the state of Param Śiva

      So from this it logically follows that I will stop posting here forever, last time I kept my word and remained silent for 4 months, this time I will - as anticipated - stop posting altogether never to return.

      Good luck everyone on your spiritual quest to jivanmukti - it is a noble goal and only thing worth pursuing. It's better not to focus too much on irrelevant secondary questions such as "celibacy", "natalism", and instead focus on the Lord

      OK, I'm gone.

    5. don't be so hard on buddhism zakaj, just like your sandskrit retardation it has a hidden agenda of sex and young women for guru's !

      glad you got to the point of starting to be consistent to your actual beliefs ! :o)

      you really should deal more in real life with the crap artists you worship and you will see the r e a l i t y