Monday, 14 December 2015

u n c e n s o r e d


  1. i think zakaj and sepehr might be vision impaired, or they might believe that since you berate them that it's some sort of test you're giving them

    like when sepehr was saying there was a sign outside the 7th patriarch's "temple" which supposedly said "no married men allowed", and that in old zen stories masters wouldn't let monks into their temple without standing out in the cold for three days

    1. i think they are just feeding on the energy here and too bloody lazy to do any work themselves

      if you believe in an afterlife as sepehr does then why waste your time here, surely one would be doing what ever is necessary for a better place in it !

      see even that tiny amount of work to ensure some consistency between what one says and does seems to be beyond them !

    2. i'd rather create something with my life then rely on some made up bullshit of an afterlife

    3. You think you're less religious than me, but it's just like Heidegger said: no man is without Religion: - watch that video it will explain things!

    4. zakaj, the soviets had no belief in effective science, they murdered or sent to the gulag plenty of top ranking scientists, stalin still went to confession occasionally

      heidegger to the end of his days never apologised for his support of the nazi party and in fact he said to his nephew at the end of the war that he was sorry to lose his train ticket discount that nazi party members got !

      you know, the murder of a large portion of its middle class and a horrendously destructive war, all so heidegger got a discount on trains, he never seems to have mentioned that in his post war writings or talks !

      you are going through life as a hubric retard, one would think that you would take advantage of what the 7th patriarch blog offers to upgrade your cognitive act, but like sepehr you only seem to travel downhill !

      i am sorry you don't worship your beautiful countryside and parks . .

      i have seen this both on the web and in real life, the endless idiots, the 99.99% who become involved with zen, non duality or whatever remain so incompetent in their subject of interest that only within censored contexts like a center or monastery or message board can they spill and dribble their mental garbage . .

      in the real world if they did that they would be rightly dissed for spewing bullshit

      well i can't stop you and sepehr, this board is not censored, it does me good to see how types like you really operate and i must say one or two things sepehr has done recently have opened my eyes about his behavior, its thoughtless hubric laziness !

    5. zakaj, a good summary of heidegger

      since you are such a fan of his, why don't you take on board his thesis, that one needs a deep understanding of being and not the sort of jerry built intellectual structure you are pushing ! !

    6. I told you awhile back I've left Zen behind. I still have an interest in traveling, reading poetry (such as Emily Dickinson), scuba diving around the world, and etc. I said I don't care about enlightenment anymore beyond deriving a suitable NORMATIVE ethics.

    7. sepehr, this board is about what enlightenment is and entails !

      you are out of context and would you p l e a s e f u c k o f f

      you are not welcome, go away, what else can i say mr. "normative ethics" hippopotamus skin ?

    8. It doesn't seem to entail anything more besides becoming an artist (such as poet or film director) to you, hombre.

    9. I'm still going to write poetry (two of the poems which you've praised) and other stuff (such as finishing my play - one of which you have praised), but I don't think that's basically what enlightenment "is".

      You're just wasting time arguing with people online. Spend more time writing poetry or literature instead of BSing to others.

    10. Let me be precise with words:
      What you're arguing is that enlightenment is basically:
      1) solitary contemplative time preferably in natural scenery
      2) lots of shikantaza to permit mind to open to the beauty
      3) engaging in artistic creation

      My friend, while this is a beautiful practice, to reduce all of Zen to this is retarded. I've written stuff you've praised and would consider aligned with Infinity, but still doesn't tell me how I'd *ought* to behave?

      What is considered moral or immoral action to Infinity? What is the greater significance to being "moral" vs. "immoral"? What does it mean to be moral? Those are the questions I have been looking into lately, and you've never given any pointing to.

    11. sepehr you have been asked to leave !

      years ago i had to ban two people on my health boards, one was quite crazy and nastily abusive to sensitive female members of the forum (unbelievably she worked as a nurse in a hospital ward of developmentally disabled children) and the other made death threats

      you have come quite schizophrenic, what can i do ?

      i will at some point start deleting your posts, you really seem unable to take a graceful exit !

      i'm busy and don't want to piss a significant portion of my time away for your freebee entertainment !

    12. Nothing I'm saying is schizophrenic. I think it's more schizophrenic to reduce life to just solitary contemplation in solitude and writing poetry.

      You can ban me, but that would make you a hypocrite.

      I don't care if you delete my posts. You've complimented many of them.

      I'm not a politically correct cuckhold, so I'm not threatened by your advances to delete my posts.

      Honestly, I just want scuba dive and I'm sick and tired of your abusive autistic outbursts. Fuck you. Go ahead and delete this and be a hypocrite.

    13. sepehr, your complete lack of self awareness tells me you are not doing any contemplative time, honestly if i want idiots raving at me i can post on reddit zen !

  2. springwater center is uploading some audio recordings of toni packer

    1. that brings me back, the tapes were stored in a small room with the audio equipment at springwater, i went through listening to them, recent ones (when i was there in the very early nineties) and a couple of very early ones which related to the break up from the rochester zen center, they were really quite mean to her . .

      for years after my first stay at springwater i listened to the tapes, they really helped with a sort of progression in understanding, when i look back at at the amount of work i did . .

      people just have no idea of the ongoing intense focus needed . .

      and at my age now and i look at all the idiots with the "bower bird" approach . .