Monday, 7 December 2015

jizzing to voynich


  1. grew up around rich people, they are very boring

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  3. sepehr writes

    I'll get back to writing that play, which will be the best ever.

    my reply :

    i don't know why but this verse of anna arkhmatova came to mind

    Who mourns one woman in a holocaust?
    Surely her death has no significance?
    Yet in my heart she never will be lost,
    She who gave up her life to steal one glance

    perhaps it was the verse beforehand ?

    Her eyes that were still turning when a bolt
    Of pain shot through them, were instantly blind;
    Her body turned into transparent salt,
    And her swift legs were rooted to the ground.

  4. But seriously, I know for sure I will never have kids. Read Peter Wessel Zapffe's "The Last Messiah":

    I am like Al-Ma’arri.

    "Al-Maʿarri held an anti-natalist view, in line with his general pessimism, suggesting that children should not be born to spare them of the pains of life."

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    1. sepehr, you are a chronic non listener, why did i make that quote of anna arkhmatova ?

      your little "system" is just some schizophrenic waffle, blatant consumerism and not that of a creator !

      why do you post here ?

      the invitation is to always engage things, but you just create the discrete categories of a critic thinking you have done something, but in effect all you have ended up with is yet another of the endless and infinitely retarded proxy systems that humans seem to go by as "true"

    2. And a short story I'm writing.

    3. You're right, nothing beats becoming an artist and being your own God.

    4. sepehr, i don't see why you deleted the post i replied to !

      for one it destroys the continuity of my reply

      for two its not a bad piece of writing and while i did make a criticism of it, it also has some quite valid aspects !

      you need to be easier with yourself and how you appear publically and basically it was an ok post, i don't reply to complete rubbish !

      i repost below


      sepehrs post he deleted

      I break up the art I immerse my mind into based off a tripartite structure inspired by Zurvanism, a sect of Zoroastrianism:

      Zurvan: Poetic, mystical artwork of the Infinite which relies on timelessness. Embraces solitude or being by oneself in nature and letting poetic inspiration flow. Examples include Emily Dickinson's poetry, Andrei Tarkovsky's films, some Zen poetry, and so forth. Such poetic artwork is about experiential timelessness.

      Ahura Mazda: more idyllic stuff, typically cartoons or serene films / books. Includes Beatrix Potter's works, Pixar, Studio Ghibli, World Masterpiece Theatre, Little Golden Books, and so forth.

      Ahriman: horror and pesismistic stuff. Includes David Lynch, Emil Cioran, Lars von Trier, Thomas Ligotti, Laird Barron, etc.

      Zurvan is all-inclusive. Sometimes Ahriman and Ahura Mazda touch it. Zurvan is the goal, but it is easy to cling to Ahriman or Ahura Mazda.

      In truth, in the material world, Ahriman overshadows it all. Ahura Mazda only exists as temporary flicker of light. Zurvan is a secret and exists in the circumambulation of the moon, and requires a lot of work to awaken to.

  6. I consider my cats my children. I don't care if they're a different species btw.

    I refuse to procreate because I think Ahriman outweighs Ahura Mazda in the world. The goal is to awaken to Zurvan before then, so I treat Zurvan artwork as very sacred and important, hence why I come here a lot to read recommendations and etc. I agree with you Ahura Mazda and Ahriman can't reach the level of pure Zurvan.

    I just use this as a way to categorize the art I like.

    1. having fed and observed some half tame feral cats around where i live for many years i think they consider me as a sort of super being they try to relate as a cat, but underneath there is always a f e a r of me . .

  7. have you heard anything about Ember, Elixir/Phoenix coding languages ?

    1. i'm not familiar with them but they look impressive, good for learning to code and building commercial websites and databases

      that's a professional skill level, way overkill for a personal website like i do

      they look a good entry point to the world of coding

    2. what do you like about Python ?


      i can't really offer a useful comment on python, its years since i have programmed and all i do now is html 5 and get headaches from regex !

    4. talking with the writer of the article here :

    5. aka the writer the language, cool ! he recommended i start learning elixir here

    6. yeah, looks a cool language !


      José Valim - Keynote: What's Ahead for Elixir? ElixirConf EU 2015