Wednesday, 16 December 2015

what is the purpose of this blog ?

1. it is to provide links to my pages where i think there is a particular reference to zen or of interest

2. its intended to have a low volume and not very taxing comments section that acts of a sort of "help desk" for those interested in taking advantage of my experience in zen and "quality mysticism" and naturally if you would do that you would think i must basically know what i am on about !

3. if you basically disagree with me, which for example the posters zakaj and sepehr do, then our views are always going to clash and we end up with the PTSD type situation of reddit zen which is basically an endless dispute about who is right . -

4. if you don't think i know what i am on about just do not post !

you have your own agendas and interests and why you cannot see that you should follow these interests and pursue them rather than be constantly in conflict with me i do not know !

your views are different , go the ways your views direct and don't be hypocrites sucking up my energy because i am the only authenticity you can find !

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