Tuesday, 31 March 2015

blog is re-opened to comments

since sepehr has called what appears to be my bluff in relation to actually enforcing "no comments" not much point in only having him posting !

maybe brad warner has it right about handling blog comments, i need a higher threshold of what to i g n o r e

though those posters on the hardcore zen blog make me ill . .

Monday, 30 March 2015

closing the blog to comments

please don't post on the 7th patriarch blog until further notice, i am just finding the maintenance too wearing . . !

that is everyone seems to spring to their own agendas, you just can't leave the comments section alone like brad warner does, i find that approach too destructive to oneself personally . .

i am finding a little rule for life, is just observe, don't get involved

i may not ever re-open it for comments, just post the latest “ pending poems ” link as each page folds over ! . .

i am open to receiving email or contact via my zaddar1reddit nick !

Sunday, 22 March 2015

photos from zakaj's 2015 japanese trip

collating into one post

me & wife at Fushimi Inari : photo_800

wife : photo_814

interesting library at Mii-dera : photo_856

each "cell" in the octagon has rolls of commentaries and sutras inside, and the whole library actually rotates!

Mii-dera : photo_864

path at Mii-dera : photo_869

I thought these two pics were especially good, considering how much I suck at taking photos !

my favorite by far was the Kaidan-in on Mount Hiei (headquarters of Tendai sect, where Dogen, Nichiren, Shinran, Ippen & co all trained) :


I'm fascinated by its colours, and the light


either I was lucky or the light and the temple themselves emanate beauty ... that's my wife and my mother-in-law

I suck at taking pictures but I think that was is quite successful, either I was lucky or the light and the temple are just so beautiful that you can't make a bad photo !


the paths are beautiful, photo_912 ... this is the place where Eisai the founder of J. Rinzai Zen used to meditate, the very spot : photo_915

love the paths and the gardens, photo_869 wish I could be here as something other than a tourist...


the first two pics are of Kaidan-in which is perhaps one of the most important Buddhist structures in all Japan. It was in this building that Mahayana Buddhists declared their independence from the Hinayana Buddhists of Nara. The structure itself was built to commemorate the death of Saicho (767-822), the founder of the Tendai sect... this is where Dogen, Nichiren, Shinran, Eisai, Ippen, all of the big names of Japanese Buddhism , practiced and were ordained


(Sorry for this "travel log" I won't abuse 7th patriarchs blog to blog my travels it was just one exception!)

my reply

' Sorry for this "travel log" '

that's your best content so far and you apologise ! ?

both you and sepehr delete your best posts as well !

i presume you used a digital camera and i think one reasons the photos came out so well is the light was bright, but diffused which is what it takes to make digital cameras shine, they especially don't like the light being too dull !