Thursday, 17 December 2015

taneda santōka


  1. Andrew, is it okay if you do me a favour? A beautiful film recently came out showing the countryside of China. It's about a girl who lives in an entertainment saturated environment, and her uncle encourages her to go out and experience the blissfulness and boundlessness of the country side for some time. It's a good kid's movie that shows the importance of quieting the mind and getting relative solitude in natural scenery. It's called The Nightingale and is directed by Philippe Muyl.

    See, it came out in Australia with translated English subtitles in DVD. I have found a Blu Ray torrent though, which makes it better quality than DVD. Issue is, I cannot find English SRT subtitles. Is it okay if you borrow the movie from the library, extract the English subtitles somehow, and give it to me? Thanks. I think you'd like the movie too due to its main theme of people living in suburbia and urban environment being like birds "locked up in cages" whereas people who get more contemplative time on nature hikes or whatnot are like birds that leave the cage, stuff like that.

    1. I've already seen Wild China on Netflix, which was very good, but I want to watch this more for its metaphor about how people in urban or suburban environment that surround themselves with mindless entertainment and not solitary contemplation time are like birds in a cage.

      I want to make a lot of money and travel the world seeing beautiful sights, scuba diving in a bunch of places too (never >40 meters).

    2. it's funny that Andrew has been telling you to leave the blog for two full years

    3. sepehr, i ask you to leave, you post more vigorously, i complain of too much of my time being spent here, you ask a time intensive favour

      i say you are "proxying" instead of doing anything (in!) real life, you promote a "spiritual" film

      you are like gesshin, one can take a chip off a granite block, but the rest is unchanged !

    4. While I may be no Buddha, it is undeniable that I am an Ubermensch. I have written a few good poems here and there based off my own experience, and I have contributed a lot of good stuff, based off my own genuine experiences, to this community of Ubermensches and Buddhas. I mean, it is 50% awesome and 50% bullshit with me. I also wrote "The 7th Zen Patriarch that went Unnoticed" and so much more.

      Granted, while I may not be a full-fledged Buddha of Infinity yet, I am most certainly an Ubermensch.

    5. sepehr, there is another world where concerns about ourselves, what we are and how we might rate in this world just fade . .

      one of the reasons i am so concerned about the amount of time i am putting into writing and this board is that my time in that world has drifted to very little

      its not the world of proxy interests like good films, explanations, people making "ubermensch" or progress as

      its is simply its own speaking and absorption in infinity

      more than anything else it is accessible on solitary walks or isolation under the stars

      taneda santoka speaks of it

      what more is there to say . . .

      you are frightened of the dissolution of yourself when you go there . . .

      i can't speak for/to that, its your choice . .

      its like you are taking a chisel and splitting me down my fault line . .

      and i am sitting back and watching it happen

      that's what it takes . .

      s e l f d e s t r u c t i o n

      a lot of disappointment and failure in life

      you won't worry so much about being "ubermensch" then . .

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    7. sepehr, you keep deleting your posts !

      i keep suggesting you don't , but you just ignore what i say

      your behavior has to change for you to make progress, small ongoing changes like not deleting posts and getting some contemplation time in and not watching bilge like anime etc

      so you wallow around in half done reasoning while not doing the essentials . .

      you try to think without d o i n g , w e l l i t d o e s n ' t w o r k . .


      sepehr's "deleted" post below, yes so far from banning people i resurrect their "dead" lol

      You are genuine...

      My issue though is such experiences seem to have no implication beyond "this is it".

      All it does is affirm all of reality but it doesn't tell us how we'd ought to treat our neighbors or whatnot. I do not agree compassion naturally occurs with it... It is possible such experiences can make us despise the All, negating it while being "of it" and not loving it. Granted, there is no doubt that that absorption into Infinity though has a link with real, mystical creativity, regardless of how the creativity manifests itself.

      It is possible that one can be a crazy warlord like Tamerlane and still have absorption into Infinity. The swinging of the blade is negating The All while still an expression of its ineffability. My issue is, most of us would undeniably see Tamerlane as an evil arsehole, but to Infinity, it is "its own speaking". He was a madman that most likely looked up to the stars to feel one with it. While the process has no bottom turtle, does one not desire a more benign turtle "somewhere"?

      There have been experience of the dissolution in the "isolation under the stars", but the "I" refuses to be subservient to it because I know it is the source of all suffering. You seem more like a Daoist rather than a Zen Buddhist because you affirm the All rather than neither affirm nor negate it. While neither affirming nor negating it, I deny it (look up Schopenhauer's "denial of the will"), so I am not a madman who has no empathy. The one body BLEEDS in fractal complexity, and one cannot separate the trickling of the blood from the whole.. Why view Satan's Church as beautiful? The demiurge is no friend. Cathars had the right idea.

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    9. sepehr, i live out of town, maybe go in once a fortnight, most likely its not available in the local libraries etc

      you didn't address my previous reply

      you want to take what you think is right and put me to the trouble of some waste of time errand

    10. "sepehr, i live out of town, maybe go in once a fortnight, most likely its not available in the local libraries etc"

      Ok, you could have just said that!

    11. why ? the rest of it is the more important part !

      you just don't want to know do you ?

    12. what do you want me to address?

    13. that you are here just to pass the time and not do any of the real work required !

      tamerlane for instance, you need to research him to have an opinion, could take several weeks to start to understand the man

      daily contemplative time

      give up the overwriting media does . .

      you watch junk so your brain just gets full of junk . .

      you post here for validation

    14. "that you are here just to pass the time and not do any of the real work required !"

      I just need a bunch of money and then I can become a Buddha.

      Tamerlane was a genocidal maniac. Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, and other mongols killed about 10-15 million Persians.

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    16. you don't have an historical perspective

      history has no morality, things simply occur for reasons

      i was working full time when doing most of my "zen work"

    17. Then I will become Shah of Iran and burn Saudi Arabia to the ground!

    18. sepehr, you're manic

      compendium lithium

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  3. If people commenting on a blog are "giving" you PTSD, your claim of being the seventh patriarch becomes rather dubious. You might want to rethink that marketing approach...

    If you aren't seeking followers/imitators, what's the point of this blog? If you are seeking followers/imitators, you're going to attract some crazies.

    1. I'm not a crazie.

      I do think Andrew had a authentic "experience" of enlightenment, but I personally think it manifests differently for everyone. He hasn't worked out the ethical implications of what his experience entails, but he has derived a very powerful mystical creativity.

      Personally, I take a more perennial approach in which I believe everyone who "taps" into the experience, seems to derive different kind of information. I do not agree with the prajnaparamita approach that compassion coarises with satori.

      Andrew's moral nihilism or relativism is very messed up. Anyone who defends Tamerlane is basically defending Hitler, but I don't know.

    2. The point of this blog is to encourage people to go outside more and cultivate that spontaneous creativity that Andrew himself does. I agree, this is important for Buddhist practice, much like Wang Wei did, but to totally disregard all normative ethics is crazy imho.

    3. sepehr, history says humans kill each other and are killed in endless quantites

      side with the whales ! :o)

    4. dave the ptsd comes from the inherent conflict between viewpoints that differ too much as per reddit zen, it is productive or rather can be but all the same its very wearing

      interestingly i almost never get comments on this blog about the authenticity of my vision with the 6th patriarch, its something that happened, since it was authentic then it would be a mistake not to mention it

      i'm not marketing or selling anything, the issue is the amount of time i am putting into this blog when i have other important things to do . .

      i don't feel i can let the blog run without my input in comments

      i can't afford the time for the input

      i could close the comments off and just use the blog for posting the occasional link that relates

      d u n n o

      i don't think it works to select between "good" and "bad" commenters, either it is close of commenting completely or let all comments be published and reply as necessary so i guess when looked at that way, there's no choice to but to close off all comments !