Sunday, 27 December 2015



  1. the authentic people's stuff always have pathetic numbers on views, in the hundreds max. The bullshitters have tens of thousands, or even millions in the case of Adyashanti and such people. They speak with a soft, angelic voice, and say abstract formulae that make ordinary people feel like they're making some spiritual progress

    There's literally no reason to get angry about this... why should we care if millions get deceived by marketing geniuses such as Adyashanti and Steve Jobs ? I don't care at all and I think it's comical! I put the "empathy for all sentient beings" thing behind me

  2. Great post btw
    Incidentally I just watched her videos a few days ago and thought to myself:

    how come people don't get annoyed by her constant obnoxious smile ?

    1. I'll try to answer myself:

      because they believe the smile is the manifestation of an enlightened person's constant state of inner bliss or something like that?

      little do they know that this is what an enlightened person's expression looks like!

      basically disgust with the world? with existence as such?