Tuesday, 31 March 2015

blog is re-opened to comments

since sepehr has called what appears to be my bluff in relation to actually enforcing "no comments" not much point in only having him posting !

maybe brad warner has it right about handling blog comments, i need a higher threshold of what to i g n o r e

though those posters on the hardcore zen blog make me ill . .

Monday, 30 March 2015

closing the blog to comments

please don't post on the 7th patriarch blog until further notice, i am just finding the maintenance too wearing . . !

that is everyone seems to spring to their own agendas, you just can't leave the comments section alone like brad warner does, i find that approach too destructive to oneself personally . .

i am finding a little rule for life, is just observe, don't get involved

i may not ever re-open it for comments, just post the latest “ pending poems ” link as each page folds over ! . .

i am open to receiving email or contact via my zaddar1reddit nick !