Friday, 30 December 2011

a critique of lisa cairns, advaita is really exploring new stratospheres of plain wank !

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


a zen koan

is zazen screwed up yoga ? at least with yoga they move through different positions to get what are effective cardiovascular health promoting stretches and also make noises like ommm to stimulate the immune system in the nasal passages and lungs !

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

neo-advaita  speak,  not that different from zen actually ! well maybe a little different ! anyway it's killed zen, more clued teachers, not the stupid zazen bullshit and elaborate rituals

to be honest i feel more comfortable being the 7th patriarch of a decayed ruin !

Monday, 19 December 2011















leaving dregs !

   sorta like looking into a sewer the hard core zen blog !  : o )

Thursday, 15 December 2011



the big thing in genpo "roshi's" favour is he is doing something for money which is sane ! it is insane to volunteer your life away to something worthless which both brad warner and i do so we have that in common

for all my failings i pay attention to my health so it's not quite rock bottom, but depressing all the same !

the body can be like a sound house that you always carry with you !

anyway the whole teacher student relationship is screwed and not part of 7th patriarch zen nor part of the sixth patriarch's agenda

what is called zen these days is a japanese sickness !

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

just visualise da free john/adi da /franklin jones whatever with short hair in that previous video clip and you will see him for what he is, a contracted, stupid old man ! prematurely aged too from whoring his whole life !

all these mythic people, buddha, jesus, da free john, even brad warner depend on the suppression of criticism, otherwise they just look like ordinary nits ! jesus was way malfunctional for sure ! buddha a prim arrogant shit and brad warner, well not too bright actually tho he has an intelligence of sorts !

lol, no replies i guess, once people realise they may be up on my web site for the next thirty years at least they get very reticent : o )

i keep all my data well backed up too, including a bootable hard disk copy (casper is very good !) !

yeah you have to delete  criticism  or he and you don't look so good do you ? as i said he's stuck INSIDE the house and it's why his life was so “unhealthy”, it's all toxic top to bottom and buyllshit to boot

HAH! i have been blocked from commenting !

Monday, 12 December 2011


it's funny how the hardcore zen blog has become quite coherent after my little sojourn there

you can see them clearly for what they are, ordinary minds totally out of their depth with the subject matter and that includes the zen masters and i guess zen generally !


Friday, 9 December 2011

i so love this  picture  "trees in the asylum" by van gogh



exactly !

found a bit of dogen that can be straightened out !

brad warner, some sensible advice for you down the bottom of my comment about your subtle use of policing on the hardcore zen blog

i bet you'd rather die than reply here wouldn't you ?

anyone ever tell you zero defects sucks? i mean honestly  : o )

2nd post deleted by barry graham, a good reply too

this fundamental inability to be objective about criticism means you can't have seen infinity/buddha properly by a long way

the only person i ever met who was able and encouraged this sort of thing was toni packer

i don't know of any zen teachers alive to day who can do this, george bowman i think was quite good but still had some boundaries

that's why i, since i am authentic zen personally appointed by the sixth partiarch and as such the only real lineage holder alive today have disapproved and deregistered all zen teachers, there are three not deregistered, bowman, rizzetto and tesuten, but they are not approved !

well i'm the boss and they know it, too scared to appear on here that's for sure, there is no comment moderation on this blog, just a long line of fakes and cowards reading it!

oh and plagiarists busy pinching my material !

haven't they read the blue cliff record or shinji shobogenzo? a whole generation of teachers not even worthy to to be castigised as pretending adepts !


bellies and wankers you are challenged ! if you are and good reduce me to a weeping ragbag ! : o )

you will be treated fairly here ! let's see you, but in actual fact you will do you best to keep things very quiet about me because i am so obviously your superior !

people like barry graham get publicized because his obvious flaws make him safe, but me, they just suppress publicity and plagiarize what their small minds are capable of !

which is not much !

anyone is , i won't say welcome, but certainly permitted to post/comment, in your shoes i would take advantage of it, but you are so scared of looking like the frauds you are you just look and don't participate in anything real which of course is why you are frauds in the first place like barry graham and just mouth platitudes and clich├ęs endlessly!

Thursday, 8 December 2011


barry graham video  interview , glaswegian, he's not an idiot, quite interesting really, not the vapid non thinking twit so typical in zen ! absolutely intolerant of any criticism apparently from reading around on the web, might be to do with his upbringing which was very hard! i am going to withdraw his specific exclusion from zen, he's actually better than most !

this is a side of zen that is not really mentioned much but is very much what it is, in fact actually more so!

version 1

version 2

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

critiques of adi da

love bombing

aggrandisement of "seeming"

yeah you gutless morons reading this blog !

Sunday, 4 December 2011












here !



fuckwits !

Thursday, 1 December 2011

just getting into audio from my voice recorder, a short homily

sound editing next !

comment on a theological germanica paragraph "the two eyes of the soul of man cannot both perform their work at once"