Monday, 30 December 2013

if there's one thing I am picking up from reddit zen and all the other zen arseholes and idiots on the web, it's that anything authentic like this blog is only building a "brand name" so to speak, that is then trashed and abused by the zen "sex club", and endless wrong minded nits and fuckwits



I am abandoning zen because of this issue and moving across to the ultimate reality blog

i'd appreciate it if all new comments are made there, this blog will be left as is !

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  1. It depends on the game.

    You're definitely wrong.

    Do you have much experience with video games? 98% of them are shit, but there are a few games that were made not for money. For example, Xenogears was definitely not made for money and lots of planning went into its story. It has very strong criticisms against the Abrahamic faiths and shows how destructive war is. It's main message is how god should be sought within oneself and not in the seeking of power or an external idol. Older Black Isle games were also made at a time where games were not popular, and they had a high quality newer games lack. For example, Planescape: Torment and Fallout 2 dealt with sophisticated themes. Fallout 2 dealt with the moral ambiguity inherent in one's actions and so. The dialogue in Planescape is also splendid.

    Earthbound (Mother 2) and Mother 3 dealt with many sophisticated themes too.

    It dealt with themes such as the importance of childhood, anti-establishmentism, definition and substance of humanity, subjectivity is the only weapon against objective evil, Buddhist themes of self discovery and edification, plays on American pop-culture, extreme hatred of capitalism, technological man vs spiritual man, and aesthetic decisions. Overall, Earthbound is the deepest game I have ever played.

    Anyways, I'm not going to respond here anymore, Andrew. You have never once agreed with anything I've said. I've read all of your posts and have read deeply into many things you've recommended. Not once have you given me the benefit of the doubt. There are about 2% or even less games that have substantially meaningful stories.

    I will agree that recent games are pretty shitty and made for emotional entertainment... Before video games went mainstream, there were some hidden gems. They are however VERY niche.

    Also, stop defending Lars von Trier. I liked Tarkovsky's The Mirror, Stalker, and Offret (haven't Ivan or his other stuff yet), but Lars von Trier is a piece of shit. Just watch Antichrist and come back saying "he's okay". Sometimes we can be fooled by a piece of artwork... Lars von Trier's mind resembles the red light districts of Denmark, and they are blatantly in view.