Saturday, 14 December 2013

this is a complaint ! when I started zen, I was always following what i didn't understand and working something out, I never ever got caught up in this need to appear to know that everyone has, what i did get caught up in was wanting some sort of control or seniority in the zen system which fortunately was very far from happening.........!

if you have no honest sense of not knowing then what is the point ?

entertain yourself forever with wrong minded rubbish I guess, I don't have to put up with it, can close this board down or just leave it suspended

there is something to work out, but you don't read around enough, you don't think enough and you don't get enough solitude !

i am beginning to see the truth of this quote by emil cioran

" each of us must pay for the slightest attempted improvement he inflicts upon a universe created for indifference and stagnation, sooner or later, he will regret not having left it undisturbed ! "


  1. the truest statements in life seem to be the ones that deconstruct themselves

    headache inducing but essential

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  5. That's a good quote - "not knowing" is good but I reckon there are at least 2 types of not-knowing. The passive one is dangerous because it can be manipulated. - The other is recognizing oneself as the nameless one. - to challenge others and (at least attempt to) push other people's buttons is a good way to test other people's claimed knowledge. It's not necessarily a pretense or posture. It can be a strategy, a tool. Why should we let claimants of enlightenment undisturbed? Wouldn't we regret it?