Thursday, 12 December 2013

sepehr. g writes

Dark night of the soul
needles fly in the sky
drowning in purple rivers
coming upwards to see nothing



white night in the hole

needles skewer the eye

i am the river in red

it colours my vision :o)(


  1. Andrew: "needless skewer the eye"

    my commentary: all things already pierced so what's the violence for

    Andrew "i am the river in red / it colours my vision"

    my commentary: with bloodshot eyes it's hard to see the rainbow clearly

    Andrew: "white night in the hole"

    my commentary: a cum stain in the Pure Land

  2. an unseen impossible color
    with a needle both blunt and sharp
    where rivers lose all colour
    it transforms and collapses the vision

    1. allseen possible colours

      the needles eye collapses on itself

      sepehr g., doesn't it bother you you are not writing this stuff from experience but making something up?

      it's so simple to start being real, why does everyone have to pretend all the time, if you don't know you don't know !