Tuesday, 24 December 2013

advice to reddit


  1. Dude now you-re starting to sound like a nut case

    1. "hidden agendas like Catholicism and homosexuality"

    2. ex pope benedict was sacked for being a flagrant queen and the vatican had turned into one big gay party !

      that is, catholic celibacy has become to a large extent not celibate but homosexual !

  2. changed it to read a bit better

    "this not just reddit but almost all zen universally and even the celibates seem to have other hidden agendas like Catholicism has with its covert homosexuality ............... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

  3. The Sufi conception of Love can only be understood through celibacy.

    Hallaj understood this when his ashes were blown by the wind to the stars of infinity.

  4. Andrew the Shurangama Sutra lists 10 false enlightenments.
    Making us think we're enlightened is one of Mara's tricks ...

    1. I presume you are implying I am not enlightened ?

      for you to say that you must be enlightened !?

      so which of us is false enlightened ?

      I can talk to both mara and Buddha but they are both illusions :o()( (

      the game the acolytes play is like texts like the shurangama sutra means something

      but hey it's just unenlightened garbage !

      but you have to be enlightened to see that, but the idiots all just want to be outside enlightenment purveying their rotten fruit and getting freaked out when anyone actually enlightened comes along because it shows their idiocy/moronacy for what it is !

    2. Only enlightened people can recognize enlightened people? What does "enlightenment" mean? What makes you enlightened? Do you mean it in a Buddhist sense of the word? Because one of the characteristic of Buddhist enlightenment is not discussing faults of others and not elevating self and blaming others, but you practically do nothing else here and on Reddit!

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    4. when you were drunk, you wrote something worthwhile, the trouble is when your brain works in the manner of the "normal you" it's just a screwed up negative (and stupid!) mess !

      you have never embarked on the real road to enlightenment, which is actually a sort of enquiry and solitude that changes this "normal you" into something similar but more productive and livable to the "drunk you"

      all your posts and replies to me are just this never ending conflict that the normal unenlightened you when brought up against the real enlightened you  (me in this case !)  arouses !

      every post except the drunk one says that you haven't done the work and you don't want to do it !!!

      my honest advice is to just ditch this Buddhist/enlightened interest you have and focus on income since that seems to be a more real concern than the wallowing in bullshit you do without wanting to actually get on the road where the changes needed occur

    5. Accurate analysis & sound advice.

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    7. However, turning the tables a little, what good does it do, what you do on Reddit?

      You have negative karma (-43) which is rare. Only trolls accrue a negative sum.

      Is it just because you're telling them what they don't want to hear, because they can't stand your enlightened messages, unenlightened as they are?

      Or is it because you're rough, impolite, offensive, and arrogant?

      Can you explain what's the need for that kind of attitude? If you think it's like a shock therapy, it doesn't work - especially over the Internet. People will stick to their own even more - they become defensive.

      And if you're not doing some covert Boddhisattvic work - then what is it good for? In a way, you're like ewk. All that - "vitriol" --- Different style, yes, but attitude to others is very much alike! Both of you engaging in some vehement crusade against every other Zennist there is.

      That's it! I'm not going to "challenge you" anymore, that's my last message here, at least about this topic.

      Good luck.

    8. Who cares what he's like? Why do you have to keep pointing your fingers and stuff?

      Regardless of what he "is", you can use this as an opportunity to talk about substantial things with him, such as the symbolism or themes in good poetry or film (such as those linked in his books section of the website).

    9. kakjag, when you see and accept that you too are like ewk you will be enlightened !


      before !

      : o)(

    10. “The human phenomenon is but the sum
      Of densely coiled layers of illusion
      Each of which winds itself on the supreme insanity
      That there are persons of any kind
      When all there can be is mindless mirrors
      Laughing and screaming as they parade about
      in an endless dream”

      ― Thomas Ligotti


      What do you think of this poem, An3drew?

    11. well, let's have a little puzzle, it's heterodox, why ???

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    13. This is an uplifting documentary of rehabilitating natural ecosystems: