Monday 23 December 2013

brad warner tyrannosaurus ex


  1. The other day I heard a song and the lyric was like "from the depths of my soul" and it occurred to me this person just picked this metaphor of the "depths" somewhere - the metaphor itself couldn't come from "the depths" because it comes from the surface (the whole package of metaphors we inherit from the tradition). - He never stopped to reflect on it ... depths of soul? What does it really mean? Do I really have something like a soul and does it have depth for that matter? Or does this metaphor create this phantasmal entity, this "depths of soul" that I am supposed to have? And if I parrot the same metaphor used by 10.000 people daily, how deep can those depths be? - When we "learn how to Zen" we also learn the Indian and Chinese metaphors, like "emptiness" and "emptiness of emptiness" all these topoi / memes that we then unload unto Reddit. Brad is quirky because he mixes Suicide Girls and Godzilla and Dogen - very Californian and likeable. I wish I was as Californian and as rich as him! - I don't want to be Andrew though. Doesn't sound like a lot of fun. It seems Andrew was pushed by peculiar circumstances and beaten enough by everyday annoyances & by Infinity to break through the copy/paste legacy and craft original stuff. My fellow Slovenian philosopher Žižek once said: "Why do you want to be happy if you can be interesting instead? - Happy people are boring." Something to that extent.

    1. lol, a brad warner wannabe ! minus the suicidal episodes of course :o)(

      brad is not celibate and has never had that mentality, why I came through zen ok and he didn't is I have basically been celibate most of my life and used that power to bulldoze through all the shit !

      you of course have been completely buried by the shit for reasons you have yet to make clear so brad warner wannbe is where you are at and will remain ! :o()

    2. I've not been very celibate either. Between you and I, Brad's girlfriends don't come close to my wife ! So I don't envy that. My wife's like a Chinese princess. I just wish I had Brad's money. Not even his zazen! Just his money!

    3. you are not going to make money posting here are you ?

      it's just a problem that can be somewhat solved if you give enough attention to it but here you are meandering about meaninglessly !

  2. Oh, and merry Christmas to you Andrew and to the readers of the blog.