Monday, 4 January 2016

comments section permanently closing soon

the comments section of this board will be put permanently on moderation and no post will be passed !

the section below titled "arseholes" is an effective exposition/discussion of why !

might give it a day or two before enforcing !


  1. i don't think censoring individuals works, for one thing it is time consuming and for another reality doesn't cleave simply into 'right' and 'wrong' people at all, the root issue is the level of work and deconstruction by me required to set some very wrong minded viewpoints and individuals right . .

    and of course they can't be set right, words and phrases like "treachery", "passive aggressive" and "freeloading" come to mind . .

    the hubric have no notion or sensitivity to burdens they impose to be carried by others . .

  2. Which is better to read first? Dream of the Red Chamber or the pillow book of sei shonagon ? Which translation of the pillow book of sei shonagon do you recommend?

    I'll read what you have to recommend, but you have to give at least an approximate order because it's overwhelming.