Tuesday, 26 January 2016

my review of brad warners new book "be a jerk" : o )


  1. Brad Warner has the same problems a lot of hyper-liberal, politically correct, social justice warrior Americans have: everything has to be within boundaries and acceptable to the hive mind of the group. If you perturb the hive mind, they collectively retaliate, ostracizing you and such, but as Dostoevsky made clear before, it's in this being treated as an outsider, being ostracized, wherein true creativity and experience arises. It makes you feel so alone that you just stop bothering with the scene.

  2. my parents were both fluent portuguese speakers, but luckily i was the only child not forced to go to portuguese language learning school

    in portugal and at home i never tried to learn the language because it was too much to handle, so even when i was in portugal my family knew i didn't speak very well and so i was restricted to yes or no questions which gave me a bit of freedom

    i can understand it pretty well, and can even read it sort of well, but i can not free hand speak it.. and like my spanish i learned in high school it's fading more and more without practice