Thursday, 21 January 2016

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  1. What is Derrida's best book?

    I've been more in a philosophy mood lately, and I want to delve into Derrida deeply.

  2. can you explain your vision in more detail ?

    you were lying down and the sixth patriarch appeared ? your eyes were closed ?


    1. i was really trying to figure out what this all was about and then i saw a road to the answer which was to "abandon myself" and then literally i came back from some very deep excursion past reality/from infinity and it was a case or remembering how things reconstructed . . the words came last on top of what was a very visual experience

      its a very definite thing, i couldn't believe it after it happened and it really took years for its real significance to sink in

      this was at a zen retreat, the sensei, john loori to his credit had some sense that something had happened, but fortunately i never got to talk to him about it and it changed my understanding so radically that the process of my being alienated from zen and its bullshit had started and was to get quite antagonistic in the way i was treated, i could see clearly nobody even john really had an idea what had happened or that it was even possible . .

      i'm somewhat (lol not too what ! :o) wary about talking about it because to pursue such experiences is mistaken

      i think what it does is like with brad warner and father lazarus al-anthony, your world view gets changed so radically that some major life changes follow which are very disruptive and not approved of by family though i can't say mine ever objected . .

      you become certain that things are such and such a way which gives you the robustness to deal with a world that promotes the denial of that reality and that which is supposedly interested in such a reality is outright fraud . .

      you can't tell it of course and that world gets quite nasty to you . .

      so basically you come out with this "experience" of the world/reality being quite different to how it appears and the conventional social assumptions

      and then one slowly develops a sense of what you might call "fugue states" where one is literally in identity with infinity and you also need to have done the ground work to understand that this is all that matters and indeed most of life is some faded echo of this . .


      so i lay down , the degree of concentration was such that it pretty well has to be lying down, no closed eyes, it was actually during a rest period and not a retreat meditation period, that's why i think people focusing on zazen posture have the wrong idea, the attention needed to maintain the posture precludes the concentration necessary

      but as i say, there are a billion trillion bullshitters who disbelieve that such a thing can happen and that we live in an inverted reality . .

      i think what happens is one hits a "resistance point", that is i had years of intense work into this sort of "inquiry" behind me and actually a lot of it prior to zen through literature and through long solitary walks . . but i had reached the point where my understanding couldn't progress without an overturning of my values and the way i looked at things, the whole fake social beliefs side that we unconsciously imbibe and that "vision" or removal to that "other world" is what happened . .

      a literal tangible fact, more real than this reality . .

      humans are "bower birds", they "copy and paste" and that's what they think this work consists of, but since they haven't had the experience they disbelieve and it shows even in a few words by them and they way they act, so certain of themselves and their hubric version of life . .

  3. What's your opinion on Charles Simic?