Saturday, 16 January 2016

zen = refractory pigs


  1. Deleuze was very similar to Derrida:

    " the Deleuzian "transcendental" is infinitely RICHER than reality - it is the infinite potential field of virtualities out of which reality is actualized"

    have to know his concepts of virtuality and plane of immanence to get that:

    It's very solipsistic when you think about it. Interested in your thoughts about deleuze in comparison to derrida

    It leads to the creations of rhizomes in art, kinda like your idea of solitude in natural scenery and spontaneous creativity:


  2. perspectives shift, it's in the actual shift that infinity is sought and found, not the concrete blocks at either end !

  3. hmm, the point is not to make a comfort perspective/zone, right, but married life tends to do that, since it gives the illusion of sufficiency or concrete block, right?


    1. marriage gives meaning to life and has a point, to understand infinity one needs to be cast adrift entirely into the meaningless waste

      this of course is what people don't want to know, mongols clutching at the empty sufficiency of their lives and calling it real . .