Monday, 28 March 2016



  1. You haven't even read my goddamn play, you fucking idiot. You don't know whether it is good or bad, you insensitive prick. You even said my last play was good and that you're going to be a has-been. Why change your mind now?

    I've gone from getting my degree in Neuroscience, decapitating rats and becoming depressed, to working night shifts in a gas station and fucking up circadian rhythm to the point of feeling like a zombie, and now to lifting heavy boxes for 4 hrs straight (my arms feeling like they're about to burst) and becoming extremely sore. Goddammit. I wish I could find a part-time job that didn't suck and it makes me depressed.

    I don't have a 5 minute attention span compared to you. I have a 2 hr attention span, and I read a lot of good works, such as the ones you recommended in your list. I get a lot of solitude now too.

    Shut the fuck up, you stupid bogie piece of shit goddamn hypocrite.

  2. My play is the magical realism you spoke of. You can never write something to that effect because you have an attention span of 5 min and because of that you lack rigour and sound retarded. The only reason you berate me is due to your self-esteem issues.

    I am staying here because I have SELF-WORTH. If it makes you depressed, then so be it, you daft stupid moron.

    Both you and Jason are imbeciles, and that's why you get along.

    Emily Dickinson, Charles Bukowski, Sa'di, they would all want to punch on your face. I know this for sure.

    1. Correct: "punch your face*"

      -- Correcting myself before you try to act smart with your shit attention span and shit mind. Nothing you write will be worth shit after you die because it has no rigour, no humility, and tries to be too self-important.

      All you ever do is ridicule others. Why don't you look at your pitiful self for once.

      I have no patience tonight for your crap.

  3. Read this, but I bet you won't get it because you're an imbecile with a 5 minute attention span. I'll put the important part in caps because you're brain-dead:

    ""Every happiness that a man enjoys, and almost every friendship that he cherishes, rest upon illusion; for, as a rule, with increase of knowledge they are bound to vanish. Nevertheless, here as elsewhere, a man should courageously pursue truth, and never weary of striving to settle accounts with himself and the world. No matter what happens to the right or to the left of him,—be it a chimaera or fancy that makes him happy, let him take heart and go on, with no fear of the desert which widens to his view. Of one thing only must he be quite certain: that under no circumstances will he discover any lack of worth in himself when the veil is raised; the sight of it would be the Gorgon that would kill him. Therefore, if he wants to remain undeceived, LET HIM IN HIS INMOST BEING FEEL HIS OWN WORTH. For to feel the lack of it is not merely the greatest, but also the only true affliction; all other sufferings of the mind may not only be healed, but may be immediately relieved, by the secure consciousness of worth. The man who is assured of it can sit down quietly under sufferings that would otherwise bring him to despair; and though he has no pleasures, no joys and no friends, he can rest in and on himself; so powerful is the comfort to be derived from a vivid consciousness of this advantage; a comfort to be preferred to every other earthly blessing. Contrarily, nothing in the world can relieve a man who knows his own worthlessness; all that he can do is to conceal it by deceiving people or deafening them with his noise; but neither expedient will serve him very long."

    I have always seen self-worth in you, respecting each of our conversations, but you being a bipolar, hypocritical, autistic fuckhead constantly DEMEAN me because of your self-aggrandizement. HOWEVER, here's the part that boggles me: one moment you praise me for something I've written, yet the next moment you totally beat me? Do you realize the only reason I post here anymore is to defend my self-worth, my pride? You haven't even read my play, or even know what it is about, yet you are insulting me. Let me repeat: YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT MY FUCKING PLAY IS ABOUT. I want to leave, but you and Jason keep derogating me and my play - something I have meditated on, spent so many hours over... there's a difference between constructive criticism and being an asshole! I am not your goddamn cuck, like Jason. I get my solitude, but I am not going to place myself in a hierarchy to you. Yet during this whole argument, you have the audacity to claim to have the attention span of a FOUR YEAR OLD? What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you know how to make peace with those who simply want to learn from you and be on good terms? You are all over the place, but I am not going to let you demean me without a response from myself.

    1. my view is you are using this unseen play like some sort bluff card, in fact your writing can't be better than your recent posting . .

      you have a lot of life skill and approach issues, you know i'm very much older so i recognise them from my own mistakes

      i don't think the rl company you keep is any help to you and really life is too hard without a reasonable income

      i don't get any peace and am not bothered about visiting disturbance on others . .


  4. sepehr, there's no money in the play, shouldn't you be focused on getting skills for better paying jobs ?

    emily dickinson wrote her poems on scraps of used paper and the back of letters etc. because she couldn't afford to buy new unused paper, bukowski's poverty is famous of course and sa'di worked for many years as a slave building crusader fortifications !

    your energy is going to arguing with me and you are not hearing what i am saying or looking at life issues !

    well at least you understood the circadian rhythm problems of night shift work, thatʼs a big plus, plenty go half a lifetime before realising that !

    1. My play will be great regardless of whether or not I make money.

    2. sepehr, can i suggest that when you are ready to show your play, then show it, otherwise don't talk about or try to "presell" it !

      my own experience is i never know what i am going write ahead of time and certainly don't talk about it, and still don't even after it is written !

      that means i am actually doing something, other areas of life i talk about and don't ever do anything effective !

    3. That's good advice. If you just said that, I would've shut up. I was just getting very offended when you said my play will suck.

    4. the play at this point is really between you and your beta readers

      in terms of the play we are outsiders here and donʼt want to know anything about it, short of it being finished/published/made known !