Thursday, 3 March 2016

jerk and non jerk reviews

i think at this stage we are going onto "no comments" and i can claw back some time in my day ! : o)


  1. What orchestra gives the best renditions of Bach's music?

    1. please do not comment as per the blog description !

      you don't put the contemplative time in, you will always be stuck at a level below what i am interested in

      i don't say you should do it but i need to watch out for myself !

    2. The best way to read Cioran's Tears and Saints is by listening to Bach and meditating to it (i.e. Shikantaza, watching one's own thoughts and letting them dissolve without reference point).

      I think that constitutes contemplative time.

    3. my god, we are finally getting down to it !

      i'm glad you wrote that its the essence of the difference !

      that is just writing some-one else's thoughts over your own, real contemplation is endless years of the mind turning over itself and on itself in a sort blankness for the most part . .

      see we really disagree at a fundamental level and our contact while not quite hostile is contrary, we both vote with our different approaches so at this point i am withdrawing

      please go your own way . .

      we are all damaged robots here, but your way is the way of the vast majority, entertaining themselves until they die, my way is only taken by one in a million . .

    4. Are you saying I should go back to meditating without any music for a couple of hrs instead, like I used to in the Zen center, just without the need of "proper posture"?

    5. Andrew what is this endless back and forth? It looks impotent. You've been announcing this for months, how you will close the comment section ... running in circles with Zephyr, it all repeats forever. You will never really do anything about it will you? Is this some kind of performance art? Do it already!

    6. " it all repeats forever"

      very hindu !

      i think you have transited into yet another religion !

    7. Religion is not a dirty word. Sure, why not.

      However, I wouldn't use the word "Hindu", as it's an artificial, synthetic category created to define Indian nationalism.

      But why shift attention away from yourself, do tell, why do you keep closing the comment section forever instead of just doing it?

    8. why should i tell, figure it out !

      it may in fact be really closing, i can't afford the time !

      i'll post when i start deleting your posts which may be the next one !

  2. An3drew has given me good advice. I'm finding this very taxing, and I won't post here anymore. The two main things I've taken from An3drew are important:

    1) Get daily (relative) solitude time, preferably strolling in natural scenery. Do Shikantaza, follow patterns of thought and let it deconstruct, flip on itself. I can do this either in room or somewhere in natural scenery that's not mostly secluded (e.g., I don't want to go somewhere 100% secluded which is dangerous).

    2) Read high art, good works and poetry by a lot of individuals. However, don't mimic them.

    I won't post as much on Andrew's comment section anymore because he is an asshole, who basically pushes and ostracizes his "friends" away. He's like a Joshu that can't smacking you around, and he is no compassion to realize how balancing 1) and 2) is tough. He acts like an old school capitalist fogey when he said, "Well, I was working when I was meditating too..."

    I think both Jason and an3drew's competitive spirit is their downfall. They don't know to stop comparing, and this is why they are immensely rude. They don't know to communicate, and I think their antisocial autism is more to their detriment.

    Me being a bit schizoid can't help but take the insults a little personally and getting a little too unnerved.

    1. you and zakaj are saying this and that just as much as andrew, if not more.. how many times have you two said you won't post anymore ?

      blahblahblah with the number one, speak from experience

  3. ok, i have started not passing comments, zephyr is the first !

    1. You're a bit of a hypocrite. There's really no word game you can play in avoiding that.

      I've learned a lot from you, but I'm glad to not have to put up with your mood swings anymore. You have your own comfort zone that you don't like to be destabilized, and you're a hypocrite in criticizing Brad or others for their comfort zone.

      There is no word game you can use to ignore the fact you're censoring what doesn't fit in your worldview.

  4. They're fucking pissed

    Sepehr that is

    Jason too

    Everyone is just destroying each other

    It's getting pretty vicious

    I think you guys are pretty retarded

    If you say you aren't retarded then why the fuck are you both so upset by each others opinions?

    Everyone just wants to be right

    It's just a fucking pissing contest basically

    But life gets you stressed

    And you react

    I understand that

    And honestly I get triggered too from reading everyone's posts once and awhile.

    I thought Facebook would be the only placed to trigger me but I'm honestly been triggered everywhere

    Doesn't matter who you surround yourself with

    But it's alright

    I have nothing else to say

    1. I read that with a rapping voice & hip hop beat in the background ... in my head ... works well that way.

  5. Andrews probably stressed out

    Poor dude

    Don't check your blog for a few days maybe...

    Unless you can handle it

    Do you strive under it?

  6. Is it better to do Shikantaza outside or to do it in one's room with the red light? Does being in natural scenery facilitate the deconstructive effects?