Thursday, 30 July 2015

dongshan's taking the high ridge


  1. Do I have gems buried in shit? Lol

    1. that train post on your blog is very very good !

      you really can't do better than that, your observation about couples was new to me and made me think !

      i do think a photo would add . .

    2. maybe dude, didn't get to snap one whilst i was there.. or i didn't even think of... or maybe I was thinking about it but got too shy or some shit didn't want people to think i'm a creep or something even though i am one i guess heh

    3. not sure if i'm gonna head back on the train again or come back another way

      if i go on the train i gotta wait til the 20th and that's fuckin long lol

      if i find another way then possibly leave by the 10th or some shit

      see what happens eh

  2. We've got plovers too. They're calling piping plovers and they live by the water.

  3. That's a long ass fucking post about reddit zen, I don't even go there! I only come here.... and a few other blogs. And I read other things too and stuff~

    I don't really care for zen I guess, just you since you're zen! I guess...

    What else would I read that is similar to your style... nothing really, just junk I think and listening to stuff around me, crickets chirping outside

    Also like looking at things outside

  4. Where's that Dave St. Germain guy or whatever, does he still lurk here? What does he even do.... Such a mysterious fuck.

  5. How the hell do you even write that kind of shit

    Referring to Anaïs Nin

    That's some crazy stuff, it's out of control

  6. anaïs nin did have the advantage of knowing or having as friends or lovers some of the best writing talents of her time . .

    paris, louveciennes, new york, california . .

    i don't think that sort of grouping of competent writers exists today, dull hacks is what these times seem to mostly consist of ! . !

  7. What do you think of my friend's poem, an3drew?

    "I collapse as I am drawn into the Many,
    the deceptive surface existence
    Rippled into its molecular dimensionality.
    The deeper form revealed,
    An infra-empirical non-witness
    Of unceasing creative destruction.

    A frameless image that bleeds forth--
    An endless destructive creation.
    The state of paradox defined:
    I dissolve, the heterodox supervisor mind
    Between temporal line and revolving circle
    Behest to that which is unconcealed,
    But hidden in plain sight.

    A glowing fragment stabilizes and dissolves,
    A burning star contrasts spatial black infinity
    Soon to vanish, yet it never began.
    All is a blur of liquid flame, alive.
    A vital Becoming consumes, change
    Unfazed by our division.
    There is no answer to this puzzle
    And I am that very absence of meaning."

    -lyrics by Batraghor

  8. well, he said it himself "And I am that very absence of meaning"

    voynich, i don't know why demean yourself with his stuff, but then you are a depressive personality !

    polysyllabic rubbish !

    1. If he changed it to presence of meaning, it'd be a good poem?

    2. or "absence that the opens the door to meaning"?

    3. sepehr, read my reply and not your "looking for escape clauses" projection !

      there's a million toxic twits like him on the web, you are a much better writer yourself !

      as i said "depressive personality"