Sunday, 26 July 2015

media profusion


  1. The best poetry makes you experience the "semantic content (meaning) without explicit memory" and it still has abstract depth and complexity. It is of plane of immanence and infinite.

    1. i think “ the best poetry ” ties into explicit memory in a general way, that is it excites your own memories to fill in for what is written !

    2. Regardless, explicit memory is a very spiritual thing as Henri Bergson discusses.

      Deleuze talks about memory to a lesser extent than Bergson. Even though I like Deleuze, I think Bergson is a bit better and deserve Noble Prize.

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    4. lol you couldn't delete that post quick enough ! got it : o )

      actually it wasn't a bad post, why are you so sensitive ?

      you don't reply to my replies you don't like and delete your own that you think reflect badly on you !

      this is a harmless context to expose yourself, up your game and don't delete posts and dialogue more ! :o)

  2. "Thought without image" makes more sense.

  3. Could you go more into detail of how you were kicked out of ZMM?

    1. it's like ryushin marchaj's experience, he wanted to go and they didn't want him !

      at that stage i was still searching so it was good for me to move on, but later when i was just staying at centers/places and enjoying staying there i learnt to not say too much and appear to conform, most people don't care as long as you don't rock the boat !

      the only place i didn't have to do that was with toni packer and the springwater center, but she was genuinely enlightened . . !

      these other places with their "pretend" and fraudulent teachers are all just a house of cards and when one of the cards threatens the s t r u c t u r e . . !

      that was a good question you asked, made me think and work through things a b i t . .

      you having trouble with that group you sit with ?

    2. I don't like that I have to go into interview if I go on Sunday, like I have nothing to say. He wants me to be outgoing or something and answer his koan but I'd rather not.

      They were talking about money the other week at the breakfast after the sit, and that made me think. I was watching the "Zen Furnace" video and Dae Gak was speaking about how Seung Sahn said the area would be profitable or something along those lines.. Made me think of what these people consider important. It is important I suppose, I don't understand money yet.

      They ask for 15 dollars every time I visit, and I figure I can just do shikantaza at home. I'm not sure that old man can teach me anything, I don't know what the 'practical side' is that you were talking about.

      I think the biggest lesson I've taken from there is how fucked up his dharma heirs knees and ankles are, constantly cracking when we do walking meditation.

      I think I was asking for furnace and to see how I should act, I've been telling myself I should just try to keep silent.

    3. Awesome video with Hymie Wyse, thanks for sharing!

    4. yeah, that hymie wyse video is good !

      financially zen has collapsed to be replaced by the likes of, one form of schizophrenia replaced by another !

      i think the thing about richard hart is like personally i don't approve of him, that's why i left zen mountain/john loori, i didn't approve of him, where you have a guy in complete control like that and you don't approve then you have to move on !

      kwuan um zen is more diffuse and doesn't have the same control problems !

      actually if you really take that hymie wsye video on board, you don't need zen at all ! :o)

  4. an3drew, do you think cetaceans deserve to be considered non-human persons and be given rights?

    I was thinking about getting my MS or PhD studying cetacean social cognition and possible do field work with them.

    1. i found a huge skull on the beach the other day, possibly a young gray's beaked whale

      when i looked at that skull and its huge size i know it was likely more intelligent than humans . .

      the really interesting thing about cetaceans is actually being able to communicate converse with them, they may well have language in their ultrasound who knows ?

      sophisticated communication would establish rights immediately !

      i guess that will happen !

      one of the problems with zen and sort of exploration involved is you lose your motivation for things like cetacean research which previously would have seemed exciting !

      interestingly in the area of neurobiology bernard baars and others are establishing a brain physiology/biological basis for conciousness !