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  1. I found something that helps alleviate my depression: traditional board games. I forgot how meditative playing chess is. Moreover, I've recently learned about Go and it seems pretty awesome. It was one of the 4 arts every scholar of China was expected to master:

    Also, Chess was created by Indians and Persians:

    I'm trying to decide what board game to invest most of my life into. With chess, you have to memorize a lot of openings, and there is a lot of important stuff to learn about Go too. I want to become very, very good at one of them and go to tournaments. Could you recommend which one I should give primary effort into (Go or Chess)?

    I also played Magic the Gathering a bit in the past too, as well as Chess as I've said, and it's pretty good too. One of the few modern games that's not too bad.

    I like the transformative effect games have on people's consciousness.

    1. long reply so I have put it up on my web page or go

    2. While you mention it, I have been diagnosed with a minor thyroid problem (hormonal issues), and someone said kombu is very good for it, which is weird since the Wikipedia on kombu says it has high iodine which can cause thyroid problems!

    3. thyroid problems are not minor !

      i'm assuming you are hypo (low) thyroid which would explain a bit about you, intelligent, but brain not functioning up to par !

      do you get migraine at all ?

      put a drop or two of iodine tincture on the underside of a wrist and see what happens

      steer clear of seaweed as a source of iodine, it has other problems !

    4. I get the occasional headache. Mostly I think I feel a certain constant fatigue like lack of energy. I'm going to a specialist doctor end of January, we'll see what he has to say. I'm Googling about iodine tincture, I don't even know where to get it. Normal pharmacy? Thanks for the advice about kombu.

    5. iodine tincture is an old fashioned antiseptic, should be available from a chemist/pharmacist/lekarna

      povidine also has iodine in

      neck "sweetbreads" are in fact thyroids and you could try eating a small amount and again seeing what the effect is

      my [write]( up on iodine and thyroids

      since you do get headaches then the best way to apply iodine is to the tips of the toes so that the thyroid in fact is the last port of call for the iodine that is absorbed, it helps thin the blood a bit, but i'd try a few drops on the underside of the wrist first just to see the effect

      the endocrinologist will test your thyroid levels and probably put you on a synthetic thyroid replacement, also an ultrasound of the thyroid would be helpful . .

      I have low thyroid and eat sweetbreads and put iodine on my toes occasionally and I think this works way better than the medical solution

      also I think its important to take [selenium]( as a supplement

      anyway its important to sort out because your brain circulation becomes impaired with low thyroid

      it's just practical problem solving, don't overdo iodine, too much interferes with sleep, if you do a have a problem just stop applying and the effect wears off in a day or two . .

    6. My sister has the same thing as I do, and she went to the endocrinologist and he gave her pills she has to take, just like you say.

      Is it OK to use the remedies you describe in conjunction with what the doctor gives? It's very hard for me to NOT take what a doctor gives me.

      I'm the kind of person that always trusts doctors, kind of a naivity I have. What do you think? OK to do doctor's pill plus selenium, iodine?

      Yes, you were right, I am scheduled for the ultrasound.

    7. And thank you very much btw. Much appreciated. You're a living encyclopedia.

    8. what's important with an ultrasound is to see whether there's any autoimmune erosion of the thyroid !

      I presume your sister has been given synthroid which is a synthetic T4 thyroid hormone, most people don't find it works that well, you want to talk to your sister about how it's going

      yes you can do the supplementation as well but really you are your own experiment, you have to try things cautiously and see what gives the best results !

      synthroid is the T4 form of the thyroid hormone so selenium can help with the conversion to T3

      it would pay to check with your sister to be sure what she has been prescribed and also research TSH, T3 and T4 and how it all works so you have a better idea of where you are

      as i say thyroid problems are way more serious than is generally considered, lots of bad downstream consequences !

      don't mention supplements to the doctor, at least in the west they get
      all weird !

  2. My wife has hyperthyroid, not hypo, so what should she do? She thinks it is in reaction to wheat and GMO stuff. She generally feels better by cutting out gluten.

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    2. she has a serious problem then, basically an inflammatory condition that attacks the thyroid and slowly destroys it, initially hyperthyroid then many years later becoming hypothyroid

      is she taking any supplements or vitamins?

      lithium aspartate and my "lithium water" ( depress thyroid function

      she may well have "leaky gut" problems and wants to look at the BCD ( and SCD ( diets to get a feel for what to do !

      the SCD diet is what the gluten free (gfcf) diet is based on, however the gfcf diet is a stupid cut down over simplified dietary approach !
      sorting out these problems is a long process, but the consequences of not doing the work are dire !

      she has to take an active interest and research . .

    3. selenium helps regularize thyroid function