Tuesday, 16 December 2014

enlightenment and insanity !


  1. My dreams have taken me to that direction but not my physical body's actions in waking life, so what does that mean?

    I have lately had unfathomable dreams... One of them involved me experiencing everything from my dream characters' perspectives, such as their feelings and sights. I hear poems too in the dreams and so...

    1. well this being able to have dreams that are sort of rational from the view of thought processing is something I have only experienced recently and supposedly is sorta super advanced from a spiritual point of view . . .

      so in that respect you have a savant ability in which case you can only see where it leads . .

      the less optimistic side is that remembering dreams and being a bit conscious in the dream state is a symptom of sleep not being deep enough . .

      just keep writing stuff down ! :o()