Monday, 25 August 2014


I quite like wickedpriest's poem on the topic, prophetic as it happens ! . . .

When you put Ewk together with Rocky

things tend to get a little bit shlocky

but if you add Clitstation

you've got the whole "Not-Zen" Nation

& they can get rid of anybody who's mocky!

I never thought of ewk needing "protection" by the moderators, but actually he does, and his unreal fantasy is a product of that !

interesting ! :o)


  1. Yeah, both ewk and Fred have the same problem. I find a Fred a bit worse though,

    They don't ever talk from personal experience...

    I hate how Fred quotes Dogen like a source of authority. His manner of attempting to speak poetically is also stilted and just feels force. There's no point in talking to Fred because he's going to go back to Dogen like he's a god or something as a way to repudiate and TRY to humiliate you...

    People, including me, at least need to confront their problems, issues, otherwise there would be no purpose to this path... People just sit and sit in imitation to the point they forget how to speak or experience things for themselves. They forget what it means to write a poem of one's own without butt fucking Dogen or something...

    1. I had forgotten all about fred ! small world isn't it, all the billions of people on the web . . .

      fred is brain damaged from a lot of drug use and ewk is a chronic insomniac and can't think straight because of it . . .

      everybody thinks the world revolves around them, one has to be careful not to get sucked into the vortex of the needs of others, especially stupid others like fred and ewk ! . . .

  2. People just cling onto these figures as a source of comfort and security. Once you let go of idolizing them, only then can real progress and creative insight be made...

    I think it's just cause they don't read deeply enough.. Almost every good teacher says not to cling onto them as a source of authority and to experience things for themselves. I'm pretty sure most of them wouldn't like being quoted as an absolute fact when people are conversing together.

  3. I may start a blog with my own poetry and post some of my favorite poetry with responses.

    Kind of like this one. Here is something cool my friend wrote recently:

    "I was sitting outside focused but was as though I could feel the earth's hum, imaginable distances in space seemed irrelevant, I felt almost predatorally locked in as if I could just dive off in whatever. I dunno then I heard the hum of a motorcycle for sometime." - my friend