Sunday, 24 August 2014

luke's crucifixion scene


  1. I had a dream where Han Shan appeared after I gave a poem, and there was a bright effusing light. I woke up and used my hwadu, and had an out of body experience, or an impersonal third-person perspective of sorts, where time stopped or etc. It was weird and there was a massive headache.

    actually idk if han shan, could have been stonehouse. It was just a smiling monk btw after the poem. Looked like han shan though.

    i was going to write down the poem but i was too sleepy
    but it involved something about orioles, glistening petals flying to the moon, and pain

    1. Sepehr you're a very intelligent young man! More intelligent than I am, that's for sure. Yet it seems to me that you're too eager to experience something mystical. Is it possible that all this spiritual searching is really subjective, kind of spiritual masturbation? That one is playing with oneself? I remember long time ago I was in Church - don't remember the occasion - and there was a Jesuit priest preaching... I thought it would be boring like always in church, but it actually surprised me... it was quite good... he said: "people want to have a personal god.... a god of bliss, a god they can manage, a god that gives meaning and purpose, a god that fixes your life, a god that stands by your side... but that's just your "personal god" (he spoke in Italian, he used the term "pocket god") ... in truth, God is something you have to smash into... it's like a wall that you hit your head against, and it hurts... it's your limit... it's where you end"

    2. that sounded like a really really good poem, you have to make the extra effort to write them down/catch them, pen and paper by the bed or a voice recorder !

      or just plain getting up to write them down ! :o)

      they really a glimpse from a phantasmagorical and strange land ! :o)

    3. zakaj, wonderful quote of the Jesuit priest thanx ! :o)

      he would be worth looking up if you could find out who he was !

  2. My favorite Gospel is Matthew. In it, Christ calls "Why hast thou forsaken me?" -

    Isn't that Jesus awareness that it was definitely a "wrong sort of death"?

    The Gospels say that this very wrongness is exactly what is the holiest.

    That's what the Apostles and Saint Paul tell us.

    1. there's quite a good video here on the lack of consistency between the gospels !

      also this video by Richard carrier is the best I have seen on understanding them, particularly the theme of inversion of effect from intention ! :o)

      Richard carriers blistering critique of bart erhman's book