Sunday, 8 September 2013

the american version of zen is “married” , incompetent, deskilled, ignorant and proud of it and very very set in its ways , which is actually not what i think zen is about :o()


  1. My favorite empire were the Achaeminids. I like Pre-Islamic Iran (prior to ~650 AD of Arabs) a lot. A small Zoroastrian minority still exists in areas like Yazd, Iran, and the ruins of Persepolis are located in Iran too. If Mossadegh wasn't overthrown in 1953 by Britain or USA, due to him nationalizing oil, the country would be very prosperous right now:

    The CIA installed Reza Pahlavi was not that great either...

    I'm personally not very fond of the American or British Empires. I view them as a succession of the Roman Empires. They try so hard to be like the Greeks but fail so horribly at it.

    Btw, did you know a Parthian Persian/Iranian brought Buddhism to China first? His name was Anh Shigao.

    I respect pre-Islamic Iranian/Persian culture (before ~650 BC) - especially during Cyrus the Great's rule, China's culture around the advent of popularity for Chan and Daoism, and India's culture in various time periods like Ashoka the Great's reign. Greek culture was pretty cool too with people like Diogenes of Sinope.

    1. yeah Diogenes of sinope is interesting ! he was obviously on autistic spectrum and sadly today would be medicated into some numb semi non-existant and half dead state like zen :o)

      you are right about greek culture being cool because there was obviously a lot of tolerance for him and behaviors that today would be deemed criminal or anti-social :o)

      America today is sooooo dumbed down and anti -intellectual........... working class mores rule everything :o().....

      yeah, that's a great book on wei ying wu by red pine/bill porter !

      yeah there seems a good possibility that Buddhism originated in Persia, all religions evolve out of something else (islam evolved out of judaism !) and Buddhism may have evolved out of zoroastrianism ! !

  2. Also, what do you think of Red Pine's translations, in general?

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  4. Check this out:
    "About 15 years ago, 1 in 10,000 kids had #autism. Ten years ago it was 1 in 1,000, then 1 in 150, 1 in 88 and now the most recent statistics from the CDC show it to be 1 in 50 in the US. The possible environmental factors for autism are incredibly diverse and can include vitamin D deficiency, electromagnetic fields, vaccines and mercury toxicity. But a key player in the puzzle appears to be emerging as multiple research studies look into the possible connection between abnormal gut conditions and autism."

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    2. the  biofilm/microbiome  carbohydrate diet and supplement program is basically a dialogue about how to survive nutritionally and digestively if you are on autistic spectrum ! :o ()

      ignore at your peril  ! : o)()()((

  5. A young man contemplating marriage sought advice from Diogenes. "Should I marry?"

    "Marriage is too soon for a young man"

    "Would you have me wait then until I am old."

    "Oh no, Marriage is far too late for an old man."

    "What am I to do then? I love the girl."

    "Love is a luxury no one can afford. It is for those who have nothing better to do."

    "What should we be doing then?"

    "To seek freedom. But it is not possible to be free if you have a wife and children."

    "But having a wife and family is so agreeable."

    "Then you see the problem, young man. Freedom would not be so difficult to attain were prison not so sweet."

    "You mean to be free is to be alone?"

    "We come into the world alone and we die alone. Why, in life, should we be any less alone?"

    "To live, then, is terrible."

    "No, not to live, but to live in chains."

  6. well if he loved her and he was not too fragile he could/should marry her, he takes the weight of his life through love so that weight is important ! freedom is not important in itself except what it permits which must be love itself but in a different form, ie the communion with infinity

    what I am saying and you are not hearing is manga/tezuka is not the's a substitute...............

    1. Tezuka, Takahata, and Miyazaki are not like other mangaka, is what I'm saying. You're generalizing an entire medium of art based off some bad exposure to mainstream crap (e.g., check out "Gekiga"). I really, really think you should reconsider your approach to sequential art. I agree, not all of Tezuka's stuff is good, but some of his stuff like Black Jack and Phoenix vol. 2 and 4 are incredible. Also, Miyazaki's Nausicaa Valley of the Wind and Takahata's films like Grave of the Fireflies are all sophisticated. Those works come from deep in the heart, and they are not entertainment crap. I did not enjoy watching Grave of the Fireflies, but I still endured it:

      Trust me, I am not like Brad Warner who listens to punk music for hedonistic pleasure.

      I try to read everything that seems valuable, watch meaningful art like Andrei Tarkovksy, and etc. None of this is communion, but they're not substitutions either.

    2. you don't know what communion is and like the zen farts are just pretending and have no interest in seeing your error ! sorry if this seems harsh but it's the reality and you will spend the rest of your life in this circle of subsitutive reality :o(

      you are not disagreeing or pleading with me, but the knowledge of communion

      billions like you have lived and died and will live and die pretending

      you really need to have athink about why you are posting here, the disagreement is complete and only one of us is right and since in your view you are right then the world will offer you more than this board and in your view my wrong mindedness !

    3. But we agreed on practically everything. I mean I am reading poetry right now... and I am also reading a lot of other "Zen" texts or whatever.

      I just disagree on the capabilities of one medium with you (i.e., sequential art). I think you are confining the medium too rigidly, and you are biased about it. I do not see how this relates to Zen or whatnot.

      I'm most likely wrong, since art's impact on individual's is relative and cannot really be placed in a hierarchy in relation to each other, but I don't think you're right in this area either. I don't see what makes one medium of art better than any another, or how someone can put others down based off personal taste.

  7. I did some thinking outside and remembered my gf telling me she saw a dead kitty on the road. It reminded me of a time I saw a dead stray and was heart-broken, so I buried him/her. I wrote a poem afterwards.

    I guess you're right. I am wasting my time with entertainment. Poetry does seem closer to the source. I think other medium of art tend to be more like magick while poetry is like J, Krishnamurti's choiceless awareness or Chan;s original face,

    You're right and I was being stupid. The only way I could make sense of what you were saying is by relating to my own daily living. Poetry does have some powerful to it that sets it apart from other mediums.

    Once I became unconscious from falling off a bike, I remember waking up and hearing a poem too.

    Btw, check out Ahmad Shamloo's poetry. His stuff is great. Attar is good too,

  8. "Once I became unconscious from falling off a bike, I remember waking up and hearing a poem too."

    yeah that's important ! the poem meant you went some where in the unconsciousness

    so "trips" to infinity or communion often come back with worthwhile poems !