Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Isaiah 29, verses 5 to 6


  1. Andrew, what do you think of J. Krishnamurti? Toni Packer was inspired by him.

    1. i have come to understand him better as i have got older !

      he and u.g krishnamurti are complementary, together they add to something competent and interesting, apart something is missing in each : o()(

    2. I see...

      I have been reading J. Krishnamurti deeply since 17 (I'm 22 now). He's what got me interested in Chan/Zen.

      Now I'm becoming more interested in poetic expression through artwork.

      Maybe... it's time I read UG Krishnamurti? UG Krishnamurti kind of reminds me of the weird fiction writer Thomas Ligotti though...

  2. ah, interesting you have been reading j. krishnamurti, that's why you are open minded and not the usual zen dickhead ! :o)

    ug and j krishnamurti knew each other quite well, there are plenty of ug videos around !

    what distinguishes one from the usual commenting dickheads in zen, neo advaita etc is one's own creative work, so the sooner that is stepped into the better, cause one wants some distance between oneself and the retired nutcases perverting the web !