Friday, 13 September 2013

ikkyu ninakawa koan


  1. What's wrong with creating bullshit structures?! I thought creativity got you hard, even if it is bullshit...!! Well, I guess you want quality bullshit! :D

    Also, almost always you write something that relates to my life somehow... for example, what I just discussed about in burning man... I was reading a book and there was a bit about burning man. There's loads more of shit like this occurring! I mean like the relevance of your posting with stuff I find/look at on my own!

    I could list a bit more I guess but my memory is shit, so is my focus and concentration.... I really need to get on this BCD shit, aye!? Fuck..!! What a mess..

    1. I would suggest you join the bcd message board and start asking a few questions, most likely there's a few simple things you can do that will bring needed improvements in health !

      any sort of memory problem is a very very bad sign :o(

  2. I shall sign up later today.