Monday, 9 November 2015

zen mind


  1. i liked some koans when i was reading them, most didn't make sense though or something i couldn't figure out

    if i couldn't figure them out then i would skip them i wouldn't try keep them in my mind all day or anything

    but some spoke to me

    like when someone would say to look at a tree or something

    whenever someone mentioned looking at something that's when i understood i guess

    why are there patriarchs and why are there other people who aren't patriarchs who are supposed to be enlightened

    do you understand something else do you have more understanding

    i don't understand this

    you say some people are missing something

    are you missing something? you must be, you keep looking at things, reading, going further and further into this... this infinite.

    look i don't want to tear you apart or anything you feel like i'm doing i'm just wondering aloud


  2. jon, that's a good post !

    very good, you are saying what you think in a clear way and god knows in the thousand of years of religious rubbish, that never occurs !

    basically life's a wrong turning, one never escapes this and you only have to look at the lives of the zen masters with a good understanding to see that, the 6th patriarch, joshu, dogen, hakuin . . .

    so there's no human "realization" or better state or more comfortable existance, we are incomplete and we are always expressing that through taking wrong turnings and various pursuits . .

    it's just when you are "enlightened" for real you are also developing a coherence that touches and is in identity with infinity in that process of pursuit . . .

    it's a difficult fraught process and really only possible with celibacy . . .

    basically you have to see your understanding of the world doesn't match up with the way things really work and then work on an improved understanding process which in fact you are doing with your post this is a reply too, the next stage for you is to be more proactive on your own behalf, more aggressive really in that pursuit, but you have come along way . . .

    when you are 'in the zone' you just sit down and write, where the reply comes from who can say ?

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