Monday, 5 October 2015

kakadu dreamtime


  1. good theory/notice of reality with the idea of STDs being rampant, how many STDs does medicine not know about?

    i just finished watching nymphomaniac and i have to say it is a really good movie i think i'll have to watch it over again when i'm older, like when i read through old comments here and new things are revealed

    the main character at one point is called to climb a mountain and is confronted with her soul tree, something she had been looking for

    lars is the best film maker alive today? who was better tarkovsky or trier, in your opinion?

    i remember once in 2nd grade or something i wrote a paragraph, a really good one i thought, but it had no periods and was just continuous. the teacher scolded me for not using periods and not making it sound nice, what the hell!

    poetry was a good medium for charles bukowski, his novels had to follow conformity to sell and for readers to understand

    1. i didn't watch the directors cut because they didn't offer that on my tv service, next time

    2. we all have our soul trees, mine is a gum up on mt. duncan in the dial ranges !

      a video of the scene you refer to