Saturday, 2 May 2015



  1. Tbh I thought you died you fuck

    welcome back tho

    1. You know if I question hardcore people look at me like what the fuck don't look at me

      Some kind of brain processing going on and they pick up? Like if I hit the zone this shit always happens, someone gotta notice. I don't know dude.

    2. Also can you check out this link

      I read this book last year and holy fuck was it ever amazing

      Last week I went to the hometown of my father for the funeral of his brother. Didn't really hangout with the fam, just hung out with the brother (half-brother, but that doesn't mean shit to me tbh he's a brother regardless).

      And when we left I felt sadder than when the funeral occurred. Just watching the sky passing by and thinking thoughts. Just.. FUCK MAN, you know? I don't know... sorry. There's no point I'm trying to make. I was just thinking what the hell man trying to find some answer but I don't think it will ever come whatever I'm looking for..

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  3. I wish I were either an elephant, corvid, or cetacean living during a time without man.

    Greater apes and man are very hard to love. What a curse.

  4. I've remembered two visions I had as a kid.

    My mother was a house-cleaner, and when I was young I would usually accompany her rather than going to a daycare I guess. I'd usually spend my time watching or aimlessly wandering around the strangers house. I was sitting in front of the TV and then I envisioned this forest with a very loud stream. Very, very loud. I don't think I spent much time in forests as a kid.

    Another I was driving down the main road by my home and I saw this tiny park, it really doesn't fit in the area, with a donkey in a 10ft hole, maybe braying or something. When ever Id pass the pro I'd wonder where the hole was or the donkey lol.