Friday, 7 June 2013



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  2. sepehr, I don't know wether you deleted your comment or not, I didn't, but to reply to your query, the central issue with zen and incompetents like "dicko" port or brad warner or the hardcore zen bloggers is they are in some degree of dementia from a poor diet and metabolic syndrome, I don't think anyone can be so willingly stupid, whats the point? so it's just brain failure which when one looks at the way metabolic syndrome and diabetes is increasing, is going to be the norm !

    it doesn't matter what you do, unless your brain and body are well nourished and there is adequate sun etc, it's all a waste of time !

    neurofeedback is a waste of time imo, since you mentioned it !

    I have spent a substantial portion of the last ten years sorting out my health (which was going way down hill) with the biofilm/microbiome diet and various supplements and my UVB lamps and the "right sun", without these I might be dribbling like mike port ! : o(

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  4. sepehr g. writes

    Do you have a recommended diet schedule to follow for 2-3 months? For example, formatted in this kind of way:

    8 am: supplement x, food y, etc.
    12 am: supplement z, food q, etc.
    ... etc. (throughout whole day)

    I'll try the BCD and see how it goes for me. After reading some of your stuff, it seems you are well-informed, and I agree the biofilm in the gut constitutes a kind of second organic. It thereby makes us a kind of "dual-organism".

    I agree diet is very important and cannot be separated from Zen. Zen seems to have a "green" aspect to it we can't ignore. Stuff like environmental damage, sustainability, gardening, diet, and etc. have to all be big topics in Zen, but people like Brad Warner spend more time making up drama about sitting for endless hours.

    Lately, I have been trying to read more, but my mind has felt numb, and I have lacked the capacity to do as much as I desire... It seems the only time I can really study well is when I feel pressured by school deadlines for assignments, and this is obviously not healthy. I feel as if my lethargy is due to an poor diet and misinformation. I have started doing more research and feel as if humans were not meant to eat raw vegetables, as you told me, and it seems more beneficial to eat fatty grass-fed beef and other kinds of foods...? Idk much, but I look forward to your response.

    andrew's reply

    it's a strong autistic trait to only do what you are interested in, school learning is exhausting to the brain and most of the information given utterly useless, so why wouldn't it make you numb?

    improving one's diet and supplementing is a big undertaking that is best approached slowly building in changes over a while and letting the results from these changes form a base for making new improvements, it's literally a lifetime process.............

    lethargy is likely indicative of low thyroid function, it would pay you to experiment with a bit of topical iodine tincture, again there's quite abit more to it than meets the eye, everything interrelates with everything else and effects and other effects are endless, not all good : o)(

    the huge advantage of the net is you can talk and ask others with experience, i would suggest if you are interested to join the who_knows message board so you don't have to fly blind : o)