Sunday, 16 June 2013

adam on indegogo


  1. Hey, Andrew, I have a couple of questions:

    1. What do you think of Dr. Mercola's health advice?

    2. What do you think of Paleo diets? Do you think eating grass-fed beef with the fat on it is useful?

    3. What do you think of unrefined organic coconut oil? I think this is the best oil to cook with, but I'm interested in what you have to say.

    4. What do you think of GMO foods?

    5. What do you think of avoiding grains?

    I think I'm going to start steaming my vegetables and going back to eating lots of grass-fed beef. I will also have to more actively avoid GMO foods. They really are bad, and all the evidence points in that direction. My head feels like it is degenerating more each time I wake up. I hate America and Monsanto.

  2. dr. mercola is interesting , gets some things right but from a practical point of view his advice is flawed imo !

    what people miss about the human ancestral diet is that we ate a lot of offal, muscle meat is just one part of the animal !

    Australia and new zealand are scrapie free so we can eat good lamb brains here and I find they make a huge difference !

    i'll butcher wallabies and eat their thyroids, pancreases, testicles, prostrates, thymuses, breasts, brains, intestines, liver, kidneys, adrenals, fat, meat (which is actually pretty tough!)

    I don't use coconut oil because it makes me migrainy, I could look at it again, basically I use abit of water in the fry pan for cooking and don't use oils !

    I would take GMO on a case by case basis, since both the scd and biofilm/microbiome carbohydrate diets proscribe grains, that eliminates a fair portion of GMO foods !

    I use a pressure cooker to cook my vegetables !

    organically/free range raised chicken is ok imo, factory farmed is definitely not

    same for pork !

    you do need variety in the diet !

    some people have problems with iron sequestration and need to limit what they eat in the way of high iron foods !

    the problems with the modern diet and foods and metabolic syndrome are now world wide and even in the so called "third world", so I wouldn't get hung up on America and monsanto though I think Australia and new zealand are more healthy places to live !

  3. Thanks for the advice, Andrew. Your wisdom and knowledge is much appreciated.


    1. if you health is going ,no matter what you do, everything you work at collapses so it has to be the first priority !

      the brain won't work any better than the gut and diet ! : o ) (

      i don't make any claims to wisdom, a little bit to knowledge, one just has to get stuck in and makes changes and observe the processes so one can steer to better effects :o)

    2. you're definitely right about how the brain won't work any better than the gut and diet. Check out this new article. It says similar things to what you say regarding the biofilm in the gut:

    3. also a cause of diabetes and thyroid problems !

    4. that page on mercola has a good interview with Natasha campbell-mcbride, I do disagree with her and mercola on the use of fermented foods, they cause more problems than they solve

      even with yogurts and soft cheeses you have to be careful of what's in the biomes, but kefir being a yeast culture is a disaster area and fermented vegetables have similar issues, that is being uncontrolled biomes with more than a sprinkling of ecoli

      it's instrumental with the BCD to use digestive enzymes rather than fermented foods

      btw the body ecology diet(bed) which is based entirely on fermented foods is totally non functional ! : o (