Saturday, 6 April 2013



  1. Hello Andrew,

    I have come to understand you have great wisdom to show. You and I talked a long time ago on a Brad Warner blog entry. After reading The Blue Cliff record and some other stuff you recommended, I am starting to see what you're pointing at.

    You say Kusan Sunim and Kodo Sawaki were the last real Zen teachers. I am wondering what practice do you support then? Do you support Koan practice and just walking in the wilderness? BTW, since you live in Australia, do you by any chance know of Bill Mollison? I feel as if I made most progress when I left my "Zen Center" and lived on a sustainable, organic permaculture farm. I remember you mentioned something like this too.

    I want to talk more possibly on email. What is your email?

    Btw, should I start writing more poetry? I have a couple of poems I wrote, and I am interested in what you think about.

  2. i haven't met bill but he's up at sisters creek

    the problem with "practice" is precisely that, its "practice" and not doing for real and since you have been on the hard core zen blog, you will be familiar with the way they all create some image they deal with that is anything but their real lives !

    in fact your reply is in effect a koan, that thinking and dealing with what its about !

    people fail to understand how far translations can be removed from what the original writer has intended so zen has become a degenerate blowsing of voynich, just a repeating of meaningless nonsense that they pretend is significant :o)

    yeah writing is very important, I would be interested to see your poems !

    I really prefer to keep discussion public because that way what is written is useful to a larger audience and actually its good "practice" lol to do that as it teaches you to develop the skill of intelligent self revelation to others in a way that is constructive and not dangerous to oneself :o)

    actually that self revelation in a semi-useful way is one thing that brad warner does quite well, his weakness has been a lack of focus on what zen is about and he's been sidetracked into music and women in a way that has not been helpful to him :o)