Sunday, 21 April 2013

country living

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  1. Very good advice, Andrew. It really is obvious you have a lot of wisdom to give...

    I'm young, but I used to eat and drink very well. I had raw milk, grass-fed beef, free-range eggs from local farmers, a diverse range of vegetables, and etc. I would occasionally take supplements like Garden of Life Perfect Food. However, now that I'm in college, I took up smoking and poor eating habits due to the stresses of deadlines and other annoying stuff...

    I will have to quit that if I don't want to go senile when I grow older, and pick up my old good habits once more. I'll look over your diet guidelines (Biofilm diet) soon.

    I also think living in the wilderness, if one is healthy, helps give more vigor, and it can provide good inspiration for poetry and whatnot. Anyways, have a good day, dude.