Monday, 10 October 2011

zen teachers not deregistered

you'd think it would be simple but like everything else shades of grey rule !

registration is not the same as approval, i just think there's something to them and they are not the usual toxic blight that zen teachers are !

george bowman i like and think sorta on target, he would be better known except for his health dragging him back, thyroid issues ?

i also think diane rizzetto is helped in a real way by her work with developmentally disordered children and tho i don't know her, it seems she is worthy of being registered

there diane, what you haven't asked for but deserve !

she's dead now of course but i always though joko beck was an interesting on and off track, she was wrong about not reading and doing sitting tho, she did get the fundamental insight but was on the wrong road and kept to it !

toni packer who i approve is not a zen teacher so doesn't come under this ruling, one of her "dharma heirs" is also ok i think !

pierre tesuten has some sort of real poetic streak and is not deregistered ! anyone interested in this approval/transmission question, if it's given by humans and not infinity the bar is pretty low so to speak, most people could jump over the level i set if they are at all real which unfortunately is not the case at all !

so that's bowman, rizzetto and tesuten not deregistered, the rest are and if they want to contend they have to engage in some dialogue with me !

Andrew Levin  7th patriarch

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