Thursday, 6 October 2011

on being the 7th zen patriarch

“Tell us about your vision when you became the 7th Zen Patriarch.”

good question, i have thought about what i am going to say and really it's one of those things, you won't understand until you have had a real vision so i am not going to talk about it

you also need to understand what a vision is which is a direct communication by infinity or buddha to you so it's an exceptional event to exceptional people, i.e. those few who can see and accept their own crucifixion for infinity  : o )





and has








it !


  1. I remember when that guy asked you this because I commented next, egging you on.. then you gave us this response. I think that guy and I were both anons.

    I remember coming to Brad's blog and looking for answers and some people were ripping on him, questioning him, and I was like who the fuck can I trust??? Because I thought he had all the answers or some shit.

    Trying to anchor yourself to a teacher for help or understanding will definitely cause a major hindrance and will fuck you up!

    I saw this one quote on some forum

    “If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you; But if you really make them think, they'll hate you.”

    ― Don Marquis

    Reminds me of you, buddy. I hate you! Lol jk, only sometimes.

    So it's all about developing your own thoughts instead of relying on someone else's. If you try to rely on someone else you will turn it into ideology. I tried to rely on a few people, one person in particular... and I tried to rely on you but either you made it impossible for me or maybe I am just too dumb to understand you.


    1. the thing is and this is really what zen is about, there are these discrete events of insight that bring you along in understanding, without them you won't progress . .

      until they happen you won't really believe it . .

      99% of zen and religion is people making bullshit up because the road of this true insight is too hard and destructive !

    2. Bit by fucking bit.

      Growing up with weird things happening, does this happen to everyone else? Maybe.

      But that shits fleeting, happening only once in awhile. There's other things happening in life, normal things, gotta pay attention to those!

      Aww life's not going as it's supposed to be, I think I'm different than these other people.. I seem to have stumbled into some trouble!

      What the fuck is going on! Help! I gotta help myself... but I don't want to.

      I'm stuck here, it's starting to stink here, getting real stale, everything's getting so tasteless and bland!

      The same old routines, so destructive...

      Ah fuck it...

      Here I am now.

    3. I don't know, I was/am adverse to driving and girls due to bad experiences so I avoided them. So I didn't turn out as a regular person. Seems like most people are doing normal people things.

    4. Jon who did you rely on in particular? Brad?

    5. jon you are different because your brain is different !

      you are never going to fit and who wants to fit in this sewer of life ?

      safe driving is one of the most useful skills you can develop !

    6. Yeah I relied on Brad I suppose to tell me what to do and how to get there. I didn't take his advice though. I don't think I ever took anyone's advice. Well that's not true... It's hard to say, I always think things in terms of black and white.

      I don't know about fitting in, I think I just have the same desires as everyone else. I don't think I'm that different, maybe I am though... Not trying to argue.

  2. Nevermind I looked it up and that wasn't the time I asked you! I did ask you tho.