Thursday, 23 November 2017

closing this message board to further comments

i really feel like the public discussion aspect is not working out, that i'm just feeding the sharks

the board is closed for comments until further notice, requests for contact info are permitted !

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  1. "sepehr, you kill people by taking their time to no purpose"

    Zakaj is the one that is killing me, but you side with him over me because you have a bias you are not disclosing. He started it, spread religious-like propaganda about the Singularity, mocked me, and more. Either Zakaj stays here or me. If he starts posting here again, I'm either leaving or criticizing his propagandist bullshit, which you conveniently ignored whilst criticizing me.

  2. He's been saying he won't post here for over a year now. It's a trick of his to garner sympathy and depict the other side, which raises fair criticisms, as the aggressor. Don't be fooled, he'll post here again and start babbling about Singularity propaganda.

    1. zephyr, i see you getting very aggressive in your conversations with zakaj

      zakaj's talks about christianity were without taste at the time but i think he's mellowed out about his christian thinking and is more logical about it now

      in regards to practical experience i think zakaj has a lot more to offer the forum than you at the moment , although i don't really think that's why andrew is upset but instead with your trying to drive zakaj away, it's more that you're being unreasonable about the time and emotional value the posters put in here

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Without the full context, you can't see why I am angry at Zakaj. Right after Zakaj dropped his brand of fanatic Protestant Christianity, he harassed me over email and tried to convert me to "Singularitarianism", a pseudoscientific view that is just as backward and radical. I am getting aggressive to Zakaj because he won't leave me alone about Singularitarianism, his new stupid obsession over radical Christianity.

      I can't even post about birds or children's books without Zakaj demeaning me and bringing up Singularitarianism.

      I wasn't trying to drive Zakaj out. I was just making the point his obsession with Singularitarianism is based on false views of scientific progress, and bringing it everywhere is unnecessary and provocation. I stopped speaking to Zakaj over email because he was being fanatic, trying to convert me and spreading propaganda (from Calvinist Protestantism to Singularitarianism), and now he is doing it again, except now you guys are clueless to see it.

    4. He was telling me I will burn in hell for not accepting Christ just a few months ago. Then after that he started calling me an idiot for liking the natural world and wildlife, and he argued machines are better and we will fuse with them by 2040 (Singulatarian nonsense). You guys do not know the full context. Zakaj is an idiot, plain and simple.