Wednesday, 20 December 2017

this blog is closed to comments permanently

sepehr is driving me insane !

i just got better things to do !

please have some consideration for me, ye narcissists and do not comment !


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  2. Don't take the pain personally. Goodbye.

  3. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

    1. a drought here and a warm winter where you are ?

    2. I prefer colder climate, sometimes I'm tempted to move North.

    3. you just go higher for colder, 200 meters is a lot !

      charles bennett talking sense

    4. That is excellent, thank you.

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  4. I think you should consider adding Prowling Bee blog to your recommended reading. It's an easier way to help people get into Emily Dickinson's Infinite poetry.

    I like this analysis of this poem :

    1. yeah the blog is interesting, am reading it

  5. "everyone is the entire universe, what we call ‘ reality ’ is just an image that enables the persistence of you as an image"

    This koan reminds me of an Emily Dickinson poem I have read recently and have been contemplating over. She uses the moon as a fantastical metaphor of Immortality, in the last stanza, that in fact does not exclude anyone. Some of her poems really stick on my mind with their imagery:

    The Moon was but a Chin of Gold
    A Night or two ago –
    And now she turns Her perfect Face
    Upon the World below –

    Her Forehead is of Amplest Blonde –
    Her Cheek – a Beryl hewn –
    Her Eye unto the Summer Dew
    The likest I have known –

    Her Lips of Amber never part –
    But what must be the smile
    Upon Her Friend she could confer
    Were such Her Silver Will –

    And what a privilege to be
    But the remotest Star –
    For Certainty She take Her Way
    Beside Your Palace Door –

    Her Bonnet is the Firmament –
    The Universe – Her Shoe –
    The Stars – the Trinkets at Her Belt –
    Her Dimities – of Blue.

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  8. Yeah, I'm not surprised they're butchering Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit in another terrible adaptation. What do you think of how they butchered Emily Dickinson's life in the film A Quiet Passion? I think it was disrespectful and poorly researched account on Emily Dickinson's life.

  9. Kyoto University together with Microsoft AI division tried to create an AI that can generate poetry based on images.
    Research paper called "Beyond Narrative Description: Generating Poetry from Images by
    Multi-Adversarial Training"
    Available here:

    Here's one inspired by a photo of a dead crab:

    "and now i am tired of my own
    let me be the freshening blue
    haunted through the sky bare
    and cold water warm blue air
    shimmering brightly never arrives
    it seems to say"

    And another, whose basis was a photo of a war memorial:

    "i have been a great city
    spinning and shout
    the sound of the road
    washed away
    the mountain passes through
    the streets are gone
    the silence is raining
    it sits still in silence
    glint its own"

    And another, this time inspired by a pastoral landscape:

    "the sun is shining
    the wind moves
    naked trees
    you dance"

    I find those poems remarkably good, better than most human poetry I read.
    It's true that the AI does not "understand" what it is composing. The AI does not have consciousness, or a world.
    And yet, what it composes is beautiful, and able to evoke a lifeworld.

    In the coming decades, humans will be gradually robbed of their essence.
    As per Aristotle, we defined ourselves as "animal rationale"
    But machines are gradually robbing us of our pride when it comes to the "rationale" part.

    And so - what will be left to us, that we will become more and more like animals?

    I'd like to think there's a better option.
    That this robbery will in fact reveal something naked that is more beautiful.
    That when we relegate and outsource THINKING itself, to the machine, it will liberate us.

    And we will have to resort to a deeper aspect of ourselves - a world more profound that machines cannot know...

    An Inner Tunnel into Hyperspace - experienced by those near-death or those that take DMT
    Evoked by Tibetan kaleidoscopic and fractal mandalas
    The Visionary, that is dangerously close to Madness

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    2. You said if you post again on 7thzenpatriarch, then you'd pay me a lot of money, lol.

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    4. I don't have any money.

  10. arguments going back and and forth

    swinging this way or that

    forever and ever


    does it

    matter ?

    arguments swinging back and and forth

    going this way and that

    forever and ever


    does it

    matter ?

    1. Australia has a lot of good children's movies. I've recently seen the The Real Macaw directed by Mario Andreacchio. He's been involved in a lot of interesting projects, and his films have an "adventurous" feel to them that I want the children's books my wife is illustrating, and that I'm largely writing, to capture. I'm going to watch his Napoleon, The Dragon Pearl, and Elephant Tales next. I feel my consciousness is evolving moreso than any AI.

  11. I am not a Nazi, but I don't understand how you can go from saying "good and evil don't exist" to "Nazis were evil". Do you even care about intellectual honesty? One moment you are shilling antinomian egoism claiming the best ethics is one that is both pragmatic and suited to one's objectives, and the next moment you are saying Nazis were evil because they persecuted minorities. Again, I am not a Nazi, but I do not understand how you can reconcile your moral nihilism with your claim they were evil. Isn't it just realpolitik or something?

    Virtue and Ahimsa are foundational to Zen and Buddhism, yet you also dismissed these as superstitious trappings.

  12. Crows, Greater Apes, dolphins, sea otters, and elephants use tools. However, only crows and a few species of Greater Apes, like humans and orangutans, are capable of "meta-tool use" (i.e., the ability to use one tool on another).

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