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  1. reposting zephyr's post, dcr is decred

    "ARK is superior to DCR because the former is more like a representative democracy whereas the latter is like a direct democracy.

    DCR's PoS voting is fucking shitty. You buy a ticket for ~34 or ~110 DCR and that is reserved for at least 2-4 weeks, sometimes longer. You can't use the DCR until the process of voting in blockchain is complete. Then you get only a few more tokens depending on how much DCR you used for the vote.

    ARK's delegate voting is much better because you only pay 1 ARK token, and you get a moderately to big sized reward too.

    Both ARK and DCR are democratic, evolving through community consensus, but ARK's delegate voting is better than DCR's PoS voting. ARK is more like an efficient representative democracy whereas DCR is like direct democracy -- which tends to be inefficient and slow.

    ARK is also cheaper now, meaning more ROI via bigger multiplier as it goes up in value, which it will.

    Fuck DCR, you shill"

    i don'
    t know much about them and are interested in learning !

    zephyr, weren't you promoting decred previously ?

    to quote you

    "If you have 10k, just invest it now in decred... quickly. Put everything down and just do it now. You can still make 200k. If you did it earlier... millions... but hey at least it's something, you know!? "

    what is the best way to hold these currencies ?

    i liked this blockchain explanation by shai rubin : blockchain explanation

    1. FYI - I had to block Zephyr's E-mail address.

      All the advice I gave him made him money, yet he still kept begging me to give him Bitcoin directly.

      I said: why are you so ungrateful? I gave you investment advice and you're already up by 20% in such a short time.

      But he kept begging, because according to him, it's my fault that I didn't tell him about this stuff earlier (!?).

      I'm not kidding, literally every day I received 10 E-mails from him demanding that I send him 1BTC at least, because he needs it to invest in some new shitcoin that he found (some Iranian thing).

      I am done with him, forever. He's a leech, he's unstable and he has no decency and doesn't give a fuck about personal boundaries and politeness.

      He's a "get rich quick" kind of guy; no patience for anything, and no interest in this. He sees it only as a get-rich-quick scheme.

      Fuck him.

    2. OK, end of rant. As for Decred; I still think it solves the major flaw inherent in Bitcoin. This flaw will become more apparent as time goes on. This UASF/BIP/whatever fiasco that will escalate in August will only make it clearer.

      Bitcoin decentralizes banking, but Decred decentralizes banking AND central banking. The decision process itself is decentralized through coin voting (hard fork voting).

      If you only want to hold coins, a good way it to use the elegant Exodus wallet that just recently enabled Decred suppport:

    3. Peter Todd, one of Bitcoin's core developers, stated:

      "[We need] something like coin voting ‒ that could give you much better feedback on what people actually want. Right now, we don’t really have a good way of getting feedback."

      Bitcoin's own core developers see the problem. But the solution is already live, and it exists in Decred.

      The other coins that have voting do not have the voting function BUILT INTO the blockchain itself. We don't want a layer ON TOP of the blockchain, but the voting should be a core and fundamental part of it; in Decred this was realized through its hybrid PoS/PoW approach. The other projects don't come even near this.

      What many people like Zephyr don't like about DCR is that it's not a get-rich-quick pump-n-dump Ponzi scheme. They want to get rich overnight. Or they think Decred is already too expensive at $36. It's not. ---

      My prediction is that Decred will be 0.1 BTC worth, at least, and that puts it 10 times higher than it is now, near $400. I cannot say when this will happen, but I believe it will.

      I am with Decred since it was 40 cents, and it seemed like a dead project.


      Other interesting projects I follow are:

      - iota (for microtransactions / Internet-of-Things);
      - BlockNet: which aims to decentralize crypto-currency exchanges, a very important feature that could be the "next big thing";
      - Lykke: like blockNet but more corporate and only semi-decentralized

      Possibly interesting, but haven't decided whether I'll invest or not yet, is Numerai - which is an AI hedge fund that uses the blockchain:

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    6. PS: The reason I mentioned Zephyr's begging is because he seemed to start "hating DCR" exactly at the moment when I told him I will not give him free Bitcoin and I will block his E-mail address. So it seems to be an emotional response ("Fuck Zakaj, therefore fuck DCR too"). I don't think it's based on rationality, but emotions. -

    7. PPS: Keep in mind that DCR's "democracy" is really "democracy of coins", not of people. ie. - X coins equals X votes, not 1 person equals 1 vote. So a stakeholder with more coins has more weight in the decision process. So it's not so much about "democracy", but efficiency in taking decisions (steps forward, technological improvements) - governance is more efficient, and solves Bitcoin's impasse (inability to act because of opposing sides / internal politics).

    8. really good info, thanx zakaj

      i do see something right with zephyr being upset, and andrew stated that he was upset too

      and it was that you were spouting christian bullshit here while you were doing actual valuable work elsewhere

      i could see myself getting into cryptocurrency, pretty confusing from what i'm seeing at the moment

    9. you did link to cryptocurrency stuff once or twice, and i knew you were posting on reddit about it

      so it's my fault too, maybe i wouldn't be delivering pizza still if i got into cryptocurrency earlier

    10. zephyr, being broke fucking sucks !

    11. zakaj, your info is much appreciated, i am slowly working through it, to have someone experienced explain things gets one past a few "sucker traps" i think !

      i looked at some sort of cryptocurrency map and was surprised to see that eastern europe is really the biggest adopter !

      zepher in his manic phases is completely undealable, i
      did advise him to try my lithium water, but he just ignores things and pisses his time away on h. p. lovecraft and that sort of thing, something also i advised him to keep well clear off !

    12. I made no money from decred! Don't listen to this idiot!

      I take back what I said about ARK! It's high reward leads to inflation. I am studying a lot, but don't listen to the shill Zakaj. He's a SHILL working for decred team.

      Do NOT invest in Decred. I repeat, do NOT invest in decred. You can only get 2x Return of Investment. I recommend Aragon which will grow in September due to a reputable team beginning work in it.

    13. I'm telling you guys to be wary of what Zakaj has to say. He is a shill who is overly idealistic about decred becoming the new reigning cryptocurrency because he actually works for the team.

      It's true, if you invested in decred when it was less than 5 USD, you would have had a higher multiplier as it appreciated in value. However, now, it is TOO LATE for this cryptocurrency. It's better to invest in young projects you know will grow for the highest return, and Zakaj acknowledged this too. Thing is, though, he doesn't care about making money from this, merely shilling decred with idealistic bullshit. He is way more emotional than me and relies on subterfuge.

      There are so many coins, invest in one you know is not "shit" and has potential to grow when it is YOUNG. Let's say you invest in a coin when it is one dollar and grows to 10 dollars, that is about 10x return of investment. Let's say you invest in one when it is 30 dollars and it goes to 60 dollars, that is only 2x return of investment:

      Zakaj is a SHILL. He doesn't care about you making money as he told me over email. He thinks decred will change the world and he will be the Elon Musk of cryptocurrency.

      NO, there is so much competition with cryptocurrency that it is mostly a bubble and too young to make a difference. If you want to make money, follow my advice and look into young coins you feel strongly will grow.

      All of these cryptos are crashing and then growing, likes ebbs and flow. Be careful, but don't listen to those shilling

  2. Also, that explanation by Shai Rubin is excellent.

    You try to understand and research this, you seem to be genuinely interested in the technology, which is great...

    Many people in this however, just want to get rich quick, like overnight, and don't care/believe in the underlying technology and principles.

    It's unfortunate.

    1. Decred has that, what Shai Rubi explains (PoW, Proof of Work), PLUS PoS on top of that (Proof of Stake).

      This is a bit simplified but basically each time a new block is produced, 5 random tickets are selected. These tickets are either "YES" or "NO" tickets. They then either validate or reject the new block.

      These tickets can be purchased by anybody with DCR, they go in a common pool and are selected randomly, like a lottery. This does two things:

      - balances power between stakeholders and miners... (in Bitcoin, all the power is with the miners - only they have the power to steer the future of Bitcoin in a certain direction since they do all the validating);

      - enables VOTING, since the ticket has a built-in preference vote about the future of Decred (ie. which feature should the programmers work on next / implement);

      - and you get back a reward for the ticket purchased.

    2. Shill! You are actually working for Decred team. One cannot expect that big of a Return of Investment in Decred at THIS POINT. There are other cryptocurrencies that will grow by the magnitude of x30-50. ARK is not one of them but neither is Decred because it is too late.

    3. The idea that "it is too late for Decred" is silly. People were saying the same about Bitcoin. "It's too late now, it's already $100 - how could it grow more?" --- Well, it multiplied by 25. --- Moreover, as you know, you can make money by MINING Decred with PoS as well. Investing/holding is not the only way to make a return with DCR. -

      First you advocated DCR, then ARK, then Aircoin, now you change your mind again, and it's "Aragon". I understand you're trying to find an early project to make a quick buck, but this approach will not ultimately succeed in the long term.

      You're only thinking about price - because you only care about making a quick buck. I have explained how Decred is superior to Bitcoin in principle, and how it could replace it some day; in that case, we will see a Decred of $3000 - and then the current $30 price will seem like peanuts.

      But to reiterate: the exchange rate is NOT the only way to earn with Decred. People can earn with voting/staking. I showed you how to vote/stake and you didn't even have the patience to wait until the ticket is selected.

      You would get 1.5 DCR for free. For doing nothing but casting a vote/stake your coins. I also recommend Jason/Andrew look into PoS staking if they're thinking to invest over $1000 (currently the minimum) --- but in the future they will split 1 vote into 32 parts to make it easier to vote for smaller stakeholders.

    4. You told me directly over email your goal is not to gain money from investment, but to promote the technology. You are the very definition of a shill working directly with decred's team.

      There are many promising coins out there with low value, meaning higher multiplier as they appreciate in value. You are not interested in researching such coins because you are shilling decred while having fantasies of becoming an Elon Musk of cryptocurrencies.

      You have never been a realistic person, and the time you could have told us about decred and benefiting from it has passed. Even if decred goes up to 100 USD, that's not that much of a ROI.

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    6. "The visionary is the only realist." - Federico Fellini

    7. Andrew will read those deleted posts and see through your scheme, you know that. I am saying basic rationality.

      Investing in a 30 dollar coin that goes up to 100 USD 3x investment, or a little more. Investing in a coin that is .10 and goes up to 3 USD, is 30x ROI...

      You just want to shill Decred because you think it will "be the future". Do you realize how much competition is out there?

      You go around shilling this coin even to people on the edge who need money. If people want to make money, then the safest route is investing in coins when they are young, so once they appreciate in value, then that is much bigger return of investment. You know this, but keep it secret because you are a shill being paid by Decred team to market and now you are deleting those posts.

  3. Something like SONM has a lot of potential. It is only 7 cents at prelaunch. When it launchs and in a year, it will probably be worth 10 dollars per piece. The tech is also very good

    That is more than 1000x return of investment.

    1. Careful with these Ponzi schemes; everyone is trying to make a quick buck these days, launching these ETH ICOs. There's a lot of greed in this scene now and they're targeting precisely people who want to make a quick buck. They feed on your greed.

      Rather than chasing these Ethereum ICOs - I recommend posing the question: what is it that is the main issues with cryptocurrencies today?

      I would say: 1) Bitcoin's problem with governance (obvious to everyone within the scene); 2) centralized exchanges which prevent mass adoption from happening (many horror stories here: MtGox, Cryptsy, etc.)

      The best solution to 1) seems Decred; with a very mature project written from scratch in Golang (not using Bitcoin codebase), and its novel PoS/PoW approach. Go read about it in depth. The documentation is very good (which is not usual for crypto projects)

      As for (2) - the solution could be BlockNet as they managed to build a peer-to-peer, decentralized exchange. You can even earn fees from the decentralized exchange simply by holding coins (PoS - similar to Decred's).

      I could go more in depth about these if Jason/Andrew want to know more.

      I am not "shilling", I don't care whether you buy DCR or not. DCR's market cap is almost 200 million dollars, a few thousands are a drop in the ocean and change nothing.

    2. You are shilling because you have admitted you work for the team directly.

      You go on random forums and market it, but you leave out the fact there is no ROI for putting money into Decred at this point. At most 2x.

      This is not real investment. I agree, investing in decred when it was cheaper would have been good, but back then, you were endlessly talking about Christianity bullshit.

      Just stop. You even told me you don't care about people making a return of investment, your goal is to encourage the growth of the tech -- not make money.

      fuck off

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    4. Yes I genuinely believe this tech will change the world of finance and many other spheres of society as well.

      I do think those who invest in Decred now are sitting on the next Bitcoin. If Bitcoin will be $10k in a year or two, and Decred will be $1000. That's a nice jump from the current $30.

      I was sitting on Decred when it was worth 40 cents but then even if I posted here, nobody would care because Crypto wasn't all over the news back then. Trust me, you wouldn't care. I actually told you about Decred when it was $17 and you dismissed it arrogantly. I have the E-mail. Your wisdom back then was: "this will never work, the rich elites will never allow this to work" - and now you're crying that I didn't tell you earlier?

      You changed already 4 coins this week, "Ark" then "aragon" then "aircoin" then something else I don't remember. You're jumping from one to the next, chasing the "get-rich-quick" scheme.

      Andrew has another approach, he's studying the tech behind it... that is the right approach.

      You need to fall in love with this tech in order to really get somewhere. Then the opportunities are all over the place. "Day trading" (what you're doing) is just one thing, and it's the one I personally dislike the most.

      It's best to research and hold long term after an in-depth research. But then you can also find other opportunities in this space. Yes, contract work, I'm paid directly in crypto--- but my pay is not much compared to what I made by simply buying, holding, and mining (or rather voting/staking, to be more exact).

      There are opportunities like that, but you don't listen and you just think you know more than me even though I've been in this since 2011/2012 while you started 2 weeks ago.

      Well I don't object - if you want to be the smartest, then be the smartest. I'm not replying anymore, this was the last reply to you here.

    5. Go away already. I never dismissed Decred. I just made the point it's highly unlikely it will go above ~120 USD, and at this point, the Return of Investment is low.

      If you invest in a coin with decent potential that is .10, then if it hits 3 USD, which is more likely, then that is MORE Return of Investment.

      I think you are one of the most quixotic, slimey, retarded people I have had the misfortune of speaking to. You know, very well, the likelihood of making a decent return of investment from Decred, AT THIS POINT, is unlikely, yet you go on 4chan boards and tell people, who're poor and on the edge, to invest in the "future" of Decred. You are a shill and bastard that doesn't know what it means to be pragmatic.

      Andrew is smart enough to realize that investing in YOUNG coins, that have potential, yields more return of investment.

    6. Young shit is still shit. All that matters is the tech.
      That is solves an actual problem in a proven way.

    7. What matters is marketing and what exchanges these coins hit. The tech is important, yes, but how the tech is marketed is equally important. The development team is also important in giving the tech some marketability, hence why litecoin being backed by MIT in near future will cause it to surge, most likely.

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    11. I'll shut up and let the expert talk!

    12. You are overly idealistic and believe the FED and other regulators will let a decentralized currency become the norm. Like you told me over email, your goal is not to accumulate wealth or return of investment, it's to shill this worldview that is not profit-driven.

      F you, man.

    13. I sold half of my decred and put it into younger cryptocurrencies that will have larger multiplier when increasing in value.

      Here are the ones I recommend you look into Andrew:
      Aragon (team with very reputable people, will surge in value in September)
      Litecoin (MIT will back it)
      Bancor (BNT)
      SONM (short-term hold)
      Aircoin or Espers (very long-term hold and risky)

    14. Antshares (ANS) also, moderate ROI, China is advertising it a lot

    15. Also, if you get involved in this, be sure you put very complex, entropic passwords for each of the exchanges you register for. I recommend Authy, but you need to add entropic passwords for all of them:

    16. I recommend Authy for the 2FA factor verification. Do this for every exchange, basically your phone takes a pic of barcode and it always has digits changing every 20 seconds on the software. It's really necessary to prevent hacking.

      I recommend Authy over Google Authenticator because the former can back up the codes.

  4. zakaj, thanx very much for your info, its going to take me months to digest it, but its been very helpful to see there's a lot going on in terms of the technology and as you say the cryptocurrencies really have quite different ways of doing things !