Friday, 14 April 2017

brad warner's new girlfriend must suit him

he's more relaxed and making better progress, his discussion of dai kensho, actually now i think about it, brad is the only zen teacher i have seen discuss it !


  1. It's surprising that you keep returning to him... have you analyzed this tendency? What is it that draws you to him? The influence he has? That he is successful (relatively speaking)?

    That video you made on him meeting the 7th patriarch is a classic

    1. i think he's talking pretty sensibly about dai kensho in that video

    2. zakaj, i find him interesting and learn from him

      one of the problems with dia kensho is the rest of the world rubbishes it, so it is comforting to come across another like brad warner with the same experience !

      its just a very strange space that unless you have had it, no-one else will relate and indeed they are quite anti because it is so deconstructive of (a) life and reality !