Thursday, 9 February 2017



  1. most of them think they're already so enlightened, so what can you do ?

    1. you have to use them to straighten yourself out, posting there is a form of self injury, there needs to be strong benefits extracted . .

      i honestly don't care a fig for anyone else's enlightenment, that's their business

      zakaj got the boot not because he's a borderline arsehole, but because i have done christianity, his stupidity has nothing to offer me . .

      i notice on brad warner's facebook page he is running into huge problems with the retarded borderline nature of people attending his retreats and weekly meditations, in part his reading audience too

      i think this has got worse over the last couple of decades, a growing sense of entitlement in the younger generation, just stupid aggressive like r|zen . .

    2. i'm not really jealous of much these days, people's accomplishments benefit me in some way

    3. criticism is not something taken lightly in my generation