Wednesday, 28 January 2015

what is life

cattle at night


  1. your poems come from experience , and i appreciate that.

    im having black lines come into my vision, guess i have symptoms of diabetes. big surprise (not)!

    can't wait to move from new york

    1. "black lines come into my vision"

      on waking ?

    2. i think so but im not sure. I've definitely seen them in the morning as I'm eating breakfast.

      Probably unrelated, but I've been feeling a stinging in my stomach as well. I told my doctor but he said it was nothing because I had been working out 6 months prior, but I think it has nothing to do with that.

      I definitely have circulation problems... I feel it. The blood doesn't flow to my hands and feet like it used to. I also have a bruise on my toe that hasn't healed for weeks. A scar on my hand that never went away.

    3. the stinging in the stomach could be the beginning of 'peptic acid disease', which is some sort of breach of the mucosal barrier in the gut, a biofilm problem or even h. pylori !

      it does sound like you have blood sugar problems, hopefully you are still only prediabetic . .

      vitamin E and mk-7 reduce the oxidative stress of high blood sugar, there's a lot you can do an in fact this should be your number one focus

      might be worth getting your blood sugar tested to see where you are . .

      i find you can work out an awful lot just doing heaps of web research

      diabetes is a sort of death sentence so you need to give it that sort of urgency . .

  2. This one's very difficult, Andrew. Your poetry is like a portal to a "Third Place" to use that term I think I got from David Lynch. Far less advanced, but still triggering some minor mystical impulses are the videos by this curious Swedish artist lady:

    1. lovely seascapes, I especially like those waves crashing ! :o)

      there's something very different about the Swedish, odd nerdum for instance !

      yeah the "third place" is very akin to auden's 'as I walked out one evening' aka 'the land of the dead" !

      third place video

      audens poem

      ‘The glacier knocks in the cupboard,
      The desert sighs in the bed,
      And the crack in the tea-cup opens
      A lane to the land of the dead.'