Friday, 12 September 2014

diamond cutter


  1. How does that verse relate to this poem by Emily Dickinson?

    That Susan
    lives - is a
    Universe which
    neither going
    nor coming
    could displace -

    1. I can see a similarity, but it's suprisingly difficult to put into words beyond that they are both solipsistic and Emily dickinson's expression is way more sophisticated even than solipsism !

  2. Replies
    1. you got pushed against your ceiling in a way you didn't like ! :o()

    2. I always do, each time I have to sacrifice a rat for research.

    3. can some-one else do it? not everybody has the psychology for that be a bit PTSD for them !

      doesn't bother me but my father doesn't like it and he's a farmer !

    4. Can you give me the convincing arguments about how Buddha's historical antecedents are actually that of a tree shrine god?

    5. since the character and life of this supposed historical person are completely unreal, that is there is no way they can have existed in historical fact or the combination of character traits and life events exist in any real person you are faced with having to explain the development of some legend !

      the historical origins of buddhism appear to be some quasi merchant bank social construct which is not unreasonable given parallels in medieval christianity !

      the most recent excavation at limbigini has uncovered the oldest buddhist arecheological artifact

      "Digging beneath a central shrine, the researchers uncovered postholes pointing to a wooden railing surrounding a tree shrine and dating to around 550 B.C., They also found an older brick structure.

      The center of the shrine was unroofed, the team found, and contained mineralized tree roots, surrounded by clay floors worn smooth by visitors. It was likely an ancient bodhigara, or tree shrine."

      tree shrines were historically endemic in that region of india and still are today !

      Buddhism and the life of buddha is some social religious construct and no different from christianity, islam and Judaism in this respect !

    6. Thanks. I agree. I always felt much of Buddhism had that weird metallic taste of politics like Bhagavad Gita. It has a kind of "obviously bullshit" here kind of taste which you realize has ulterior motives when you dig deeper. For example, the emphasis on Lotus Posture as if it's an absolute must have something to do with encouraging some nationalistic ties or something.

      It's better not to idolize these fictions and be one's own beacon of light or so... Make one's own life a kind a poem that ends sweetly or so. It has to be one's own work, like you said. That Mandleshtam poem you gave seems to point in that direction:

      "Schubert in water, and Mozart in birdsongs,
      And Goethe whistling on the winding path,
      And Hamlet reasoning with timid footsteps,
      Measured the pulse of the crowd and believed the crowd.
      Maybe before there were lips, there was already a whisper,
      And leaves circled around in treelessness.
      And those to whom we dedicate our learning
      Prior to any learning acquired their traits."
      - Mandlestam

      I think people like Emily Dickinson, Stonehouse (Shiwu), and Beatrix Potter are better anyways. It doesn't make sense to take hagiography like the Buddha too seriously as if they're literal truths. The Inka of the leaves, trees, and one's own voice matter the most at the end of he day when we fall asleep...


    7. good reply thanx ! :o)

      you know you've been on reddit zen too long when you are not used to some-one taking on another viewpoint in an intelligent fashion !


    8. By the way, I think Bukowski and you are right about pot and how it damages the brain.

      The hippocampus isn't just involved in memory... only the dorsal part is. The ventral part is involved more in regulation of anxiety and has projections to the amygdala...

      No wonder pot users always get stressed out whenever reality hits them in the face. They live in a kind of idyllic fantasy where nothing goes wrong, adopting overly liberal views and thinking they "deserve" their privileges while hedonistically smoking pot all day without going out to do real work or anything significant.

    9. Luckily, neurogenesis occurs in the adult hippocampus, so it can revert. Only in the olfactory bulb and hippocampus is neurogenesis established to work.

      So they can quit pot and get better, hopefully.

    10. interesting, I notice on r/meditation that they basically smoke for anxiety and sleep !

    11. "... solipsism strictly carried out coincides with pure realism. The I in solipsism shrinks to an extensionless point and there remains the reality co-ordinated with it " (Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus)