Wednesday, 20 November 2013

the usual nonsense


  1. Can I have your opinions on fermented foods, such as kimchi, kefir, kombucha, or etc. I remember you said to eliminate fermented foods in your BCD diet. May you please explain why?

  2. well they basically have uncontrolled cultures in, for example kefir can be quite high in ecoli !

  3. Hey, an3drew, I'm trying to find a youtube video of Derrida you once posted. In it he talks about how a statement contains within it the seed of deconstruction. Like it deconstructs itself into some kind of recursion automatically, or something to that effect. I don't remember it well, but I want to study more into Derrida and am interested in you giving the youtube video again.

    I think you're definitely pointing to a lot of cool things on your blog. There's definitely a big "link" between Derrida's philosophy and the Blue Cliff Record, I think.


    its actually quite an interesting problem, life has so much error that if you spend your life deconstructing it, you know it's like a pin hole in the sea and fills immediately again so what do you do?

    the sort of meiji zen attitudes current today tries to deal with it by being anti-intellectual and basically ignoring everything, blinkers basically

    I think my own conclusion is that there is no answer or resolution and like charles bukowski said, one just writes f o r e v e r

    in Buddhist terms that life is literally suffering with no resolution..............

    this what I like about brad warner actually he's be about the only zen teacher to accept this "everything is failure" underpinning to life...............

  5. Andrew, do you want to read a book together and discuss it?

    I think you're a very cool person, and I want to do an activity with you online. Choose a book that we can read, and choose the dates where have discussions on what we have read.

    From my experience, most old people tend to be very close-minded, but you are well-read and have lots of experience with things. I think it will be cool to read a book together where you can convey your interpretations on key passages and stuff.

  6. I was thinking the book I find most useful, or author rather is sa'di because he's very practical, had a hard and dangerous life, been a slave to the crusaders, a difficult marriage, that sort of thing !

    I read both " the orchard" and "the rose garden", you really have to understand the culture which is medieval and the sufi conventions in terms of the way they express themselves

    there's a lot there..................

  7. My dad has read Sa'di in the native language.

    I wish my Farsi were as good as his, haha...