Thursday, 2 May 2013

they stopped at an ice cream stand  : o)


  1. I bet they eat pasteurized ice cream from cows raised in unhealthy conditions, pumped with hormones, and stuck up in barns all-night.

    Too bad they have never had raw ice cream from healthy, pastured goats or cows. Then maybe they would get somewhere...

  2. I think raw milk does need to be pasturized, goats are susceptible to toxoplasmosis and other contagious illnesses can be carried by both cows and goats, it's easy enough to pasturize raw milk by heating to 68C

    the more I look at sweeping zen and the hczb I realize those commentators and so called zen masters are really quite unintelligently insane !

    there's a high degree of balance and completion required to do zen competently, they are all very unbalanced and unfortunately brain damage from drugs and alcohol works the wrong way or a fair portion of them would be competent !

    as you point out attention to quality food is also very important, you can't think straight on what most of them eat :o)

    so they meander along in the illusion of competence which they enforce by banning me since I obviously show them up !

    your own creativity and not the regurgitation of clichés and voynich is where it is at !

  3. Are you sure about that stuff regarding raw milk? I think if you pasteurize it, you destroy helpful bacteria that aids in digestion and the CLA. This site gives some sources about why drinking raw milk from healthy cows/goats that graze freely is better than pasteurizing it. For example, people who are lactose intolerant can't drink pasteurized milk but they can drink it raw as long as the cows are healthy. Pasteurization started so people can mass-produce milk from cows stuck up in barnes. Drinking the milk from unhealthy cows raw would kill you, and pasteurizing it makes it edible yet not as nutrition as raw from healthy cows grazing in pastures:

    Weston A. Price, the Charles Darwin of nutrition, also claimed drinking raw milk is better.

    I agree about the stuff regarding food and creativity. I wish I was at that level where I was eating well 2-3 years ago. I don't feel like sitting in the Zendo all day doing Zazen is what Zen was originally about. The stuff you said regarding creativity is true, and I feel as if Osamu Tezuka was more of a Bodhisattva than a lot of these monks parading around regurgitating cliches and voyniches, as you say. I want to become a cartoonist and I'm really tired of being pressured by school. America is becoming increasingly difficult to live in, and GMO foods and processed foods, with a ton of nasty preservatives, are becoming more wide-spread.

  4. I have had a lot of experience with raw goats milk !

    used to get it fresh from the goat farm down in gunns plains !

    risking picking up a parasite or a disease is a negative which way outweighs the benefits, which actually I think are marginal with raw milk because the bacteria in it suit kid and calf guts and not human.

    if you pasturize the raw milk yourself, you get the best of both worlds and 68C keeps the denaturing of the milk protiens to a minimum, tho for non-A2 cows milk I think you actually need to denature the proteins to reduce their damage potential !

    weston price is NOT the charles darwin of nutrition and his supporters on the web are blind in both eyes about pursuing some dogmatic "cure all ills" approach!

    i'm not saying there's not some sense to what he says, but people including me are very uneven and you have to use what is of benefit and discard what is wrong, you cannot reply even 45% on anyone and for successful implementation of anything you have to fill the large void of practical incompetence with your own work, experimentation and testing

    the net is full of crazy schizophrenics, believe me :o)

    if you want to become a cartoonist then why not start publishing some on the net?

    zen was never necessarily about zazen at all, the emphasis on zazen comes from dogen and his teacher, but really just wants seeing in the wider religious context of contemplative solitude :o)

    imo there are circulation dangers with zazen, especially once you get older : o)

    the soto zazen only approach seems to do nothing but breed narrow minded pigs, the reason is the fallacy of the "subtractive only" approach as you mentioned once before without wide ranging QUALITY reading and thinking and writing DOES NOT WORK !

    they just become mad and live in ghost caves digging deeper the latrine pits that they have fallen into all the while totally deluded about the direction they are going and utility of what they are doing !

    seem to be writing quite fluently today, been eating some atlantic salmon from macquarie harbour :o)

  5. That stuff you said regarding raw milk makes a lot of sense. It's obvious you've done a lot of research! I supposed heating it is a better precaution to avoid illness, and it makes a lot sense. It's not as intensive as the pasteurization process, and it doesn't seem to denature much protein or even eliminate CLA content. I will start doing that.

    I think we both agree not to drink milk, whether pasteurized or not, from unhealthy cows or goats though! Especially with those pumped with hormones in American factory farms. Not sure if you guys have those same problems in Australia, haha.

    By the way, what do you think of supplements like Perfect Food Raw Meal or etc.? For people living in America, it's becoming increasingly difficult to avoid non-GMO or non-pesticide ridden foods...

    And the stuff you say about Zazen in Soto Zen is definitely true. It's some strange kind of dogmatism that is quite pervasive... especially when you're not flexible or nimble. It makes more sense to actively engage oneself in the world, and then make artwork at home or read some good books, further exercising one's mind. The point is not to become complacent, especially with just sitting. This infinite world is in a flux, and in order to realize and channel the absolute, one must remain sharp and not complacent with just sitting. This includes lots of reading and exploring the creative space when we truly create artwork where there is no intent to gain anything in return.

    I'm going to find someone soon to teach me how to draw soon. Stuff like Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Tezuka's Phoenix, and Miyazaki's Nausicaa are very inspirational and motivate me to draw comics. I feel more at peace gardening or watching cartoons rather than neuroscience research, which is what I'm being trained for at school. They pound me with so much schoolwork that eventually my brain, itself, gets taxed.

    Also, on an unrelated note, I've recently been reading Gaia's Garden and enjoying it greatly.


    looks a disaster area, the human gut is designed to eat cooked vegetables, not raw !

    if you have tried it and it's doing something for you, it's the chromium in it, which is in fact much better supplemented individually !

    my write-up on chromium !