Tuesday, 1 January 2013

getting stuck into/calling joan tollifson's crap

while my replies last : o)

neo-advaita/zen it doesn't matter, flakes and fakes who can only sustain the illusion of their misguided self importance by banning and censoring, well if looking good is what's important to you, then that's what you get ................. :o)

well, well joan has actually asked to be left alone which is a major improvement on others, that's actually a considerable maturity, tho really quite sad, but menopause is not kind to women and i can see abit where she is coming from

why people fluff around preferring the illusory comfort my removal from their sphere gives i do not know, but one just sees it again and again as they rip themselves bloody dancing in the thorn bushes, but hey, so am i :-)

joan you are first person i have come across on the web to be honest about your personal boundaries and limitations (for your information brad warner and jeff foster were not honest at all)

when i look at my life and yours the flesh literally hangs from us with our guts ripped out, i think in respect of that and some basic honesty and skill in your approach i am going to honor your request to be left alone and please feel free to remove my posts, it is you i am talking to and not some imagined audience that i will benefit from : -)

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