Wednesday, 4 January 2012

bit ambivalent about zazen but some advice


  1. ...I never have visions. The closest thing I can remember is many years ago I was trying Transcendental Meditation and stopped because I started having all sorts of weird things happen, seeing things that were not there and feeling like I was floating and looking down on myself... I've never had that happen practicing Zazen, not sure what the difference was/is between the two, I cannot remember.


  2. hmm, not familar with TM but from what i read it involves mentally repeating an meaningless word to yourself

    maharashi explaining

    personally i couldn't do that for more than 20 seconds and i don't think you could rule out some non-benign changes to the brain default circuitry doing that which is perhaps what happened to you

    the problem with zazen is the way it entrains or amplifies well laid neural tracks in the brain, people who do it seem to get damaged more than they were in the first place imo

  3. I cannot afford to become more damaged! ;)

    Your home looks very nice, you could have one of those places like I read about in Mother Earth News, it looks sort of like that.

    So you think Zazen does not calm the mind or solve anything then ehhh? Do tell!