Friday, 9 December 2011

2nd post deleted by barry graham, a good reply too

this fundamental inability to be objective about criticism means you can't have seen infinity/buddha properly by a long way

the only person i ever met who was able and encouraged this sort of thing was toni packer

i don't know of any zen teachers alive to day who can do this, george bowman i think was quite good but still had some boundaries

that's why i, since i am authentic zen personally appointed by the sixth partiarch and as such the only real lineage holder alive today have disapproved and deregistered all zen teachers, there are three not deregistered, bowman, rizzetto and tesuten, but they are not approved !

well i'm the boss and they know it, too scared to appear on here that's for sure, there is no comment moderation on this blog, just a long line of fakes and cowards reading it!

oh and plagiarists busy pinching my material !

haven't they read the blue cliff record or shinji shobogenzo? a whole generation of teachers not even worthy to to be castigised as pretending adepts !


bellies and wankers you are challenged ! if you are and good reduce me to a weeping ragbag ! : o )

you will be treated fairly here ! let's see you, but in actual fact you will do you best to keep things very quiet about me because i am so obviously your superior !

people like barry graham get publicized because his obvious flaws make him safe, but me, they just suppress publicity and plagiarize what their small minds are capable of !

which is not much !

anyone is , i won't say welcome, but certainly permitted to post/comment, in your shoes i would take advantage of it, but you are so scared of looking like the frauds you are you just look and don't participate in anything real which of course is why you are frauds in the first place like barry graham and just mouth platitudes and clich├ęs endlessly!

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